Top 5 Things You Need To Know About AV Quotes

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About AV Quotes

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concertThe 30,000 person filled stadium roared with anticipation as the lights began to dim. 5 months later we had exceeded our expectations, all because of a cup of coffee and our av quotes.

It all began one sunny afternoon in July. The weather was so nice that the last thing that anybody wanted to do was work indoors. We knew we had an event to begin planning, but that was the last thing on our mind. The event wasn’t until December, anyway.

We had our vendor booked, and as 4pm rolled around, we finally heard back from our AV company. They had sent us the av quotes that appeared to have all the “normal” equipment that we always saw. Eager with anticipation for our afternoon bike ride, we skimmed over the AV quote, signed our names, and made our way out of the office.

Many times event planners assume all AV quotes are equal and skim past the details. In fact, it isn’t until the event day comes that they wish they had spent a little more time reviewing the details. Jon Trask breaks down an AV quote in his webinar about Contracts: Audiovisual & speakers. Below I will outline the top 5 things you need to know about AV quotes and event pricing based on Jon’s webinar. Also, you will learn how coffee could affect the turn-out of your event. Read More

School of Event Planning & Management - #EventIcons Episode 37

School of Event Planning & Management – #EventIcons Episode 37

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Welcome, students, to the School of Event Planning & Management! Class is now in session and we hope you are taking notes! This week we are featuring some AWESOME #EventIcons: Howard Givner (Event Leadership Institute), James Morgan (University of Westminster), Wendy Hultsman (Arizona State University), and Vern Baiett (High Point University). This episode is specifically geared toward students who want to get into the events industry. We’ll be discussing concerns that students have, advice for getting that first industry job, and we’ll also be clearing up some common misconceptions. On the other side of that coin, we’ll also be talking about ways for event industry veterans to stay current on trends, and teaching options for industry leaders. We have something for everyone! As always, don’t forget to check out the tips and Epic Resources that our guests shared with us (below)! Read More

Free Subscription To Bizzabo

Win A 3-Month Free Subscription To Bizzabo

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Endless has been having a super successful 2016, and we wanted to give back to you, the community for supporting us! So we’re giving away 3 months of the award-winning, Bizzabo event software for free! So we’re giving our readers and fans a chance to add one of our favorite tools to their arsenal when it comes to planning and managing their events. So if you’re planning events for yourself or clients, this is a great way to make your planning process easier, more effective and more organized. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and get entered to win! Read More

How To Make Event Attendees Stick Around, How To Be Super Productive, and How To Stay Fit While Travelling [Einsteins’ Favorites]

How To Make Event Attendees Stick Around, How To Be Super Productive, and How To Stay Fit While Traveling [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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Anywhere and anytime, you can easily pick up bits of information or hacks that’ll contribute greatly to your life and work. Whether it comes from books, from a random chat with friends, or from the article you just accidentally clicked online, you’ll have to agree that you learn something new daily.

This time, let’s make it easier for you. We’ve round up the best news and articles for your inspiration. Read More

10x Your Event Traffic With Social Media Live Streaming

10x Your Event Traffic With Social Media Live Streaming

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At this time of year, my family has a tradition to run through every Christmas movie in our collection.  We watch them one by one, repeated on demand until everyone can recite each by heart.  One story catches me off-guard every year. The Prime Minister of Britain has the courage to stand-up to the naysayers, take a risk and be vulnerable.  He bucks tradition and his audience loves him for it.  I enjoy this story as it is counter-intuitive.  Being vulnerable to many is a sign of weakness. Yet, in the Prime Minister’s vulnerability, his authenticity shines through and the world applauds him (keep reading to find out the movie).  We can use this approach in event marketing knowing that as a brand you can be vulnerable and still win.  Social media live streaming is the tool that can enable this. Read More

Best Podcasts For Meeting & Event Planners - #EventIcons Episode 36

Best Podcasts For Event Planners & Meeting Planners – #EventIcons Episode 36

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This week we’re talking about the Best Podcasts for Event Planners & Meeting Planners! Our special guests include Graham Wheeler of SocialTables podcast, John Federico (aka GadgetBoy) of the EventTech podcast, Mike McAllen of Meetings podcast and Meetings podcast news, and a familiar face on the show, Brandt Krueger of GatherGeeks (BizBash). What a lineup! Right? These #EventIcons of Podcasting are here to discuss how they got started with their podcasts, and to share their tips and tricks with any of you who are interested in starting a podcast of your own. In this episode we discuss some of the best tech to use, as well as some things to avoid when you are getting started. You don’t want to miss this! Tune in, take notes, and bring your questions! Read More

Picking The Perfect Event Venue - #EventIcons Episode 35

Picking The Perfect Event Venue – #EventIcons Episode 35

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Ever wanted to know the secret to Picking the Perfect Event Venue? This is your episode! Our guests this week are Chris Kelly of Convene and Kate Snapp from Marriott. That’s right! These #EventIcons are here to address your questions about event venues and clue us in to what we can expect from future venues as well. We’re excited to get their insider information and to share it with all of you. How do you choose the perfect event venue? How do you market your venue? How do your venues incorporate event tech? Chris and Kate will be answering these questions and more. What a show! Not only are they live to answer your questions, they’re sharing some amazing resources too. Don’t forget to check out the links below! #EventIcons – Asking industry leaders YOUR questions every week! Read More

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