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This is the first step in an amazing relationship with your next event technology and event production company! Whether it’s through the request a quote page on our site, by email or by phone- Endless will answer the call to help you with your next event. Someone will connect with you to schedule your first consultation meeting with your Endless Einstein.

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Design & Quote

Initial Consultation

We believe in talking face to face or at least the virtual equivalent to that. When you’re spending thousands of dollars on your event production & event technology, wouldn’t you like to meet the team behind it and not just trade emails back and forth? We’ll setup a virtual video chat with you to discuss your goals, budget, event specifics and ask questions which help us uncover your perfect event technology & production solution. Plus you get to meet the person who you will be working with for the next few months on your event!

Strategy, Design & Quote

At Endless, we strive to have the most accurate quotes and scope of work for your event technology, event AV & production. Don’t you hate it when you order something off the menu at a restaurant and the bill comes out to something totally different? We do too, so we believe the same goes with events. The quote you receive before the event should be identical to the invoice you receive after the event. No surprises! During this time, we might be doing your mock-ups and designs so you can see what your event looks like exactly. Again, no surprises!

Design & Quote


Wifi 6? BlackMagic ATEM 1ME? ETC Source Four Leko with 19 Degree barrel? What is all of this! Our goal is to simplify and help you understand exactly what you’re getting with from your event technology & AV provider. We are going to walk you through your quote and designs so you understand exactly what you’re getting and how it fits into your strategy, vision and goals for the event.


You need to add something because the schedule and content changed? No problem! Using our cloud-based quote building system we can make adjustments in real time and get you an updated quote very quickly. It will get all tracked in our project management software, and will tie into all of project management systems, so no matter how many changes you make, nothing will get forgotten!



You picked Endless as your event technology, AV & event production partner and as your Event Einsteins to take care of all of the details! Woohoo! Now you get to relax while we take over and finalize all of the tiny details needed to pull together your event. We’ll work directly with everyone on your team & talent such as speakers & entertainers so you don’t have to be the middleman. Then when the day comes, we will have already had dozens of pre-event meetings with your engineers & producers who will be producing your event to make sure everyone knows the game plan leading up to the event.


We know you’re busy but we’ll keep checking in to make sure you don’t need any additional help. Need to add another microphone because now there are 4 presenters? Not a problem. Your Endless Einstein will be on call 24/7/365 to answer your questions or make any adjustments and as we get closer to the event we’ll have one final chance to go over any last minute details so nothing gets forgotten.



The day finally arrives! Your Endless Einstein will online to make sure you are ready to go and you are happy. Then when day arrives, we will have already assembled all of the technologies into the awesome event we had been working on through the entire process. During the entire event, you will have ONE point of contact on-site the whole time to quickly answer questions and serve you, whether it’s a last minute content addition or a spur of the moment idea. We’ll be ready to help.

Post-Event Feedback

Phew! The event is over but as you know, work is not done! We’ll schedule a post event follow-up meeting where we’ll review event metrics, discuss attendee satisfaction, and review the event in 360-degree debrief meeting. Not only do we want to hear your feedback but we’ll give you our feedback as well, so your event can continue to grow and improve (that is one of our core values after all). At the end, we want to make you so happy, we will get to repeat the process again with you again and again for years to come.

Post-event Feedback

The Endless Guarantee:

Our commitment to serving you.

We are constantly talking to our customers and they tell us how stressful the event planning process is. So we have a commitment to you, and that is- we’re here to make things as simple as possible for you. We will create the equation for you. So you might be asking yourself, how will Endless do that?

We promise to provide you a turnkey solution.

When we first meet with you, we’re going to talk about how we can provide tools and the right people to making your job easier. Our goal is to free up your time so you can focus on the big things.

We promise to communicate in a simple to understand manner.

We believe that if your event technology & AV company cannot explain a problem or piece of technology in a simple to understand manner, then they are trying to confuse you. We will always explain everything in simple terms and not technical jibber jabber.

We promise to look at the bigger picture.

We get it, the production and the technology is only small piece of your event. We’re going to look at your goals, and your entire event as a whole to see how we can help, beyond just the technology and production.

We promise to do what we say we will do.

Sounds simple right? Far too often though the ball gets dropped so we promise to always do what we say will do (we built our process around that) and if we don’t, we’ll fix it quickly.

We promise to make you smile.

We’re here to do our job, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun along the way. We want to be the team that you love working with, and that you want to get lunch with after the event.

We promise to be here when you need us.

We can work from anywhere in world. We promise not to leave you hanging without an answer. We’ll always return your calls quickly or at least provide you a timeline of when we can get back to you.

We promise to be human.

Most of all, we promise to not act like a company or a machine. We’re humans, just like you. We won’t treat you like a number in our quoting system, and we want to make you feel like you’re part of the Endless family.