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It’s time for another episode of #EventIcons, and this time, it’s all about client gifts. So, it’s no secret that everybody loves gifts, right? They’re a fantastic way to send a message to someone, whether it’s a special occasion or not. However, when we start to talk about gifts in the context of business, things get a little more complex.

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When it comes to building customer loyalty, client gifts can be a fantastic weapon. But there is always a tendency to not put enough thought into it or to choose the wrong approach. Today’s guest, John Ruhlin, just so happens to be an expert in using client gifts to close more business. John is the founder and author of Giftology and has been featured in Fox News, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc and New York Times. While becoming the #1 performer out of 1.5 million sales reps for one of the world’s most recognizable brands, John developed a system of using generosity to gain access to elite clients and generate thousands of referrals. He and his firm now help automate this process for individuals and organizations like UBS, Raymond James, DR Horton, Keller Williams, the Chicago Cubs, and Caesar’s Palace.

Curious to find out how you can turn your clients into your own personal sales force to drive exponential growth? Take a seat and press play. Join our host Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey and our very special guest John Ruhlin, as they take us through the world of client gifts giving to drive business growth!

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How do you go about using client gifts in your business? Have you ever considered using it as an avenue towards building loyalty? What was your previous experience like? Let us know in the comment section below!


Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey

Author Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey

An accomplished speaker (though she prefers to be backstage with a headset), #EventIcons host, event prof, and marketer with work featured in the New York Times, Lindsay and team have worked with brands including Ford Motor Company, American Bar Association, Harvard Business School, and many more.

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