Gifts for event professionals can be hard to choose. What should you get the event prof in your life that has it all? When picking gifts for event professionals keep in mind these individuals are busy, stressed, and usually have a finer taste.  We are taking the stress out of gift giving by providing you the must-have gifts for the year! We’ve hand-selected our favorite gifts for event professionals so that you can be certain your gift to them something they will love to have!

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Tech Gifts

These tech gifts were designed to make life easier, from amazing noise-canceling headphones to smart home gadgets these gifts for event professionals are sure to impress and delight.

A Great Pair of Headphones

The best gifts for event profs is one they will use over and over! And what’s better than a fantastic pair of headphones? Event profs are constantly on the go traveling, at venues, and in hotels. Give them the gift of noise-canceling headphones with killer sound. This way they can zone out or work anywhere without the distraction of outside noises.  Our favorite on the market right is the [amazon_textlink asin=’B07G4MNFS1′ text=’Sony WH1000xMK3′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ccda1a53-ee75-11e8-835e-bb96ffaeef33′] for crystal clear sound and noise reduction!

Google Home Hub

The brand new Google Home Hub is beautiful and functional, designed to give you help at a glance. It’s ease of use with voice control and a visual screen will make any event prof proud to have one in their home. The Google Home Hub will get you all the answers to everything you need, show your calendars, photos, weather, control your smart home and so much more! Usually, $149, on Black Friday only Google is running a special price of $99 here.

Surface Book 2

Tablet or Laptop? Why choose when you can have both. The powerful [amazon_textlink asin=’B076HZCQY9′ text=’Surface Book 2′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fedcaef5-ee75-11e8-bab5-65e369939d73′] is a great tool and gift for event professionals. With a vibrant display and flexible options like converting to a huge tablet for site plans, they will be amazed! A bit out of budget? The new[amazon_textlink asin=’B07FDKZQTY’ text=’ Surface Go’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’16c06873-ee76-11e8-8cdc-6ddb4bff3108′] is a good alternative if you don’t need as much power at a much more affordable price!

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Better Smartphone Audio

With video becoming more important than ever in marketing and events give a tool that will help an event prof become more successful! Oftentimes eventprofs “go live” from events and so much more, but phone audio quality just is not great. This Rode VideoMic is a small, affordable and powerful tool that will elevate the quality of any videos your favorite event prof takes. Whether its a live stream of an event, a Facebook live chat, a testimonial and more they will have great audio with this tool!


Gifts for on the Go

Eventprofs are constantly on the go running from event to event. These gifts are designed with that in mind giving them comfort on the go.

Comfortable Shoes

Event profs are on their feet for hours on end. Thier choice of footwear can really make or break comfort at events. If an eventprof isn’t comfortable performing their job on the go can become a real challenge or at minimum slow them down. A great pair of shoes is a gift any event professional would appreciate. Our current favorites are Tieks, Lucky Brand Ballet Flats[amazon_link asins=’B004EVMSM4′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6eb61c1f-ee76-11e8-9eba-e19112fe0728′], Allbirds, and our very own Will Curran, swears by [amazon_textlink asin=’B0731JNB18′ text=’Ultra Boost Uncaged by Adidas’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’970ec8bb-ee76-11e8-b4d1-6bc007f7d089′]. 

Ember Travel Mug

It’s no secret event profs are constantly pulled in a thousand directions and more often than not by the time they get to actually drink their coffee it’s cold. An [amazon_textlink asin=’B01N2HT77T’ text=’Ember travel mug’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9fd9c2a9-ee76-11e8-a8c5-77853c3a8e3b’] will help keep their favorite coffee or tea at a perfect temperate for hours on end, it can be set anywhere from 120-145 degrees Fahrenheit and is designed to stay at that temperature until you are done.  Bonus, it’s leak-proof. With a variety of colors and styles, you will be sure to find on your favorite event prof loves!

A Great Travel Bag

 Constantly heading to an event, the airport or a meeting it’s important to have a great bag. Our current favorite large travel bag is the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L, it is a  versatile, durable, and beautiful carry-on travel backpack driven by a simple truth: no two trips are the same. Features top, side, front and rear access via intuitively placed weatherproof zips. Meets international carry-on size requirements.

At events, if you are having trouble finding a small bag to keep your basics like your phone we highly recommend the beautifully designed Bandolier Crossbody. This would make a luxe gift for any eventprof in your life.

Gifts for Everyone

Not sure what to get? These gifts will be appreciated by almost anyone!

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Standing Desk

We have had this on the list before, but it’s a tried and true item we believe all planners should try! A standing desk is more than the gift of a desk. With a standing desk, you are gifting a chance at better health, more productivity. Standing desks are the best way to work, it’s been proven over and over again that sitting all day is terrible for your health. We chose [amazon_textlink asin=’B01N9JE412′ text=’Uplift’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’93d65686-e602-11e7-a485-411e9f877f98′] because consistently it has been named one of the top sit/stand desks to have including an amazing review by my favorite review site, Wirecutter. Our CEO, Will Curran also swears by his uplift desk! For a stable, affordable standing desk this is the best around!

BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal

This is not your grandma’s planner! [amazon_textlink asin=’B01C33U15A’ text=’The Self Journal’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e19487de-e602-11e7-b73a-2de26e1e062e’] is a simple journal that allows you to plan your day, reach your goals and find happiness, and it’s highly effective. The simple system consists of an undated daily planner, weekly and monthly planners. There are also sections for goal planning and a space to cultivate gratitude, creating a happier outlook on your day. This journal is great for any creative thinker, entrepreneur or event professional seeking success and meaning in their lives.

Subscription Based Gifts

Give a gift that keeps on giving and leaves them feeling loved all year long! There are thousands of subscriptions you can give. Try to think about what your recipient really enjoys and tailor the subscription to that! Who doesn’t love a treat delivered right to their doorstep every month? It’s always fun to see what’s inside! Below are a few of our favorites.



FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box. Every season FabFitFun will send you a box full of seasonal trending items related to fashion, beauty, and fitness. The box is $49 per quarter and valued over $200. You will often find popular brands like Living Proof, Tarte and BB Dakota in these fun filled boxes.


This subscription box is packed with healthy and tasty snacks. When you get your subscription Graze sends you a series of questions about your taste and dietary needs and has a taste expert select your snacks. Each box includes eight different snacks for 11.99. You can have Graze delivered as frequently as once a week, monthly etc!

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We love audible. Audible has the world’s largest selection of audiobook. There is something for everyone! It’s perfect for event profs on the go because you can listen to audiobooks anytime, anywhere. From fiction to help them escape and unwind, to business books which can help them grow their empire this is the perfect gift for just about anyone! Starting at $14.95/month it’s an inexpensive gift sure to be appreciated each time they use it and learn.

The Gift of Relaxation

Event professionals have some of the most stressful jobs on the planet, in fact, recently listed event coordinator as the fifth most stressful job. Only a few jobs ranked higher for stress including military personnel, airline pilots, police officers, and firefighters.


Some studies have shown that aromatherapy might have health benefits, including relief from anxiety and depression, improved quality of life, and improved sleep. Scents such as lavender and bergamot are often used to reduce stress and aid in sleep, scents of the citrus variety can elevate moods. An [amazon_textlink asin=’B01MRNUPCD’ text=’aromatherapy starter kit’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’dd6fe696-ee76-11e8-a8ce-d9d3b3a94a0d’] with a diffuser and essential oils would be an appreciated gift that will boost any event profs mood!

Shiatsu Massager

Sometimes after a long day at an event, your body could use a deep tissue massage but you might not have time for a trip to the spa. This [amazon_textlink asin=’B01D2UJVGS’ text=’massager’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’eb243401-ee76-11e8-88ea-15749eddf295′] will come to the rescue with 8 modes and heat. Since event planners never stop this is great even for the busiest planner as you can wear it as you work!

A Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket can reduce anxiety, improve sleep and provide comfort. How does it work? The weight of the blanket acts as a deep pressure touch (DPT) which studies have shown can alleviate anxiety, and provide beneficial calming effects. For maximum benefit, it is recommended to find a weighted blanket at 5-10% of your body weight. Weighted blankets are growing in popularity and can now be found at major retailers such as Target and [amazon_textlink asin=’B073429DV2′ text=’Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’helloendless-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’02d6a38d-ee77-11e8-b02a-5dd6818bf327′].  

Spa treatments

Event planners have one of the most stressful jobs on the planet, if you are curious you can read more about that here. What better gift for a stressed-out event prof than the gift of relaxation? This is one of our favorite gifts for event professionals. Treat them to a relaxing massage, facial or manicure! If you want to splurge gift them a day at the spa where they can unplug and focus on themselves for a change!



Now that we have shared our favorite gifts for event professionals, pick your favorite and treat the special event professionals in your life! Pair it with a nice handwritten card to really show your thoughtfulness! What is your favorite gift you have gotten as an event prof? Comment below and let us know!

Editors Note: This article was originally published December 21,2017 and has been completely revamped for accuracy and current trends.


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