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It’s amazing how the events industry has embraced new technology so wholeheartedly. And because it’s giving it such a big welcome bear hug, we saw it fit to share with you how these innovations are changing the events business.

In this week’s Best Event Talks, we have Dan Berger, CEO of Social Tables. Social Tables is an event planning platform that does everything from seating arrangements to site tours. Berger himself has been in the events industry for more than 4 years, using technology to make the lives of event planners easier.

In the talk, Berger shares 6 predictions of how event technology will change the industry. He envisions that events scheduling will be fully automated, removing the burden of finding a good time and place that works for everyone. Now, wouldn’t that be a weight lifted off our backs?

He also says that custom event apps will die off. I don’t know about you, but it’s quite a pain asking participants to download a one-off app just to learn when the buffet starts. I already tech support for my mom, I don’t want to do it at work, too.

Aside from the predictions, one of the key points that stuck with me is how you should assess the technology you’re going to use. Berger explained that you should ask yourself these four things before diving into new tech:

  1. Can you use it on the devices you use the most: tablet, smartphone, laptop?
  2. Is it available anywhere? Can it be offline as well as accessible via mobile data?
  3. Does it work with the other tech you use, like calendar apps and social media apps?
  4. Does it deliver a similar experience wherever you use it? If I switch from mobile to web, will the interface be intuitive or confusing?

Want to learn about the other event technology predictions he made? Jump right into the video below.

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