5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresistible

5 Grand Entrance Ideas That Will Make Your Event Irresistible

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If someone ever told you that grand entrances are indulgences reserved only for bad reality shows on MTV and Disney cartoon princesses, they are probably just unfortunate victims of a disability known as limited imagination. As with everything in life, first impressions count. In the lives of marketers, impressions are what make the world spin, and a visually stimulating event entrance can make an unforgettable first impression. Read More

How To Host a Great Gatsby Party: The Revival of Vintage-Themed Parties

How To Host a Great Gatsby Party: The Revival of Vintage-Themed Parties

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There’s no doubt that media influences event themes, from Despicable Me Minion cupcakes at birthday parties to Frozen, Midnight in Paris, and James Bond themed events. Themes are the perfect way to jazz up any event. They also provide flair, planning direction, and icebreakers for your guests. Themes can simplify planning, invoke excitement for those who enjoy dressing up, and bring something special to each unique function. These parties are an exciting, invigorating way to approach an otherwise boring, predictable event. Read More

Two Must-Have Tools When Event Planning In A New City

Two Must-Have Tools When Event Planning In A New City

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Whenever I was event planning in a new city, I was coming upon the same problem over and over again. How to get the best local resources in the shortest period of time. I was simply tired of spending hours browsing the internet in order to find information about a specific area and its potential valuable resources. And it was bad for business too. As an event planner, I’m sure you know that timing is everything. So I said to myself that there must be better ways of getting the best out of a new location. And guess what? It is indeed possible to learn essential tricks in a snap!

Below, there are two tools – a mobile phone app and a website. I am constantly using these tools to effectively find local vendors and event planning in new cities.

City Guide from TripAdvisor

First of all, I personally use this app for finding the best hotels in one particular city. We all know that an accommodation is vital when it comes to satisfying the client’s guests. So in less than one minute, I am able to pull up the most prominent hotels in town! The app allows me to check pictures of the rooms, read reviews, find the lowest prices through the app’s partners, see the location on a map, and eventually contact the staff to book. You don’t have to memorize the phone number – the call is made directly from the app. 

From my experience, happy guests are the key to a successful event. Finding the best place to sleep is just one of the many event planner skills that can add great value to your reputation.

Then, depending on the type of food that is to be served during the event, I look for great restaurants. In a hot second, I start making calls and can arrange the catering service. Easy as pie!

Need to buy something? Access the shopping section and done and done – gifts, flowers, specific cuisine, clothes, and more.

What is the best part of this app? It shows you the metro stations for each location you choose and the ATMs nearby. And… you can do everything on the go. The downside is that you have to download data for every new city. So, use a mobile phone for work only!

TripAdvisor is also available on a desktop version.


I have to admit that it wasn’t easy to find this website. I’ve spent some serious time browsing the internet. I’ve gotten frustrated not knowing what exactly to look for and how to formulate my search. But in the end, all my efforts were paid off – this website is a gold mine for event planners!

When you first get to Punchbowl, all, you can see, is a page full of invitations. But don’t let this trick you – go to the bottom of the page and click on “Find a Vendor”. Now is when the magic happens. They have listed vendors from every state in America. You just have to choose the location and wham, bam, thank you, ma’am! Everything you need in just one place – artists, bakeries, bands, catering, flowers, limos, musicians, party rentals, photography, and most the important…venues! Very easily, I am able to find the necessary resources for my events. I don’t have to wander the city’s streets like a crazy person or spend hours opening dozens of internet pages!

From what I’ve learned, venues are critical when it comes to event planning. And on Punchbowl, one can pick the right venue without much effort. This is because each place has a description. It says what kind of events it’s suitable for, what facilities it includes, how large it is, and how many guests it can accommodate. Of course, it also offers you the working hours of each venue. After finding the perfect place, all, I have to do, is make a phone call and arrange the rental!

Thanks to these two amazing tools, I don’t have to worry about pulling off a flawless event. Regardless of the city, I can now be sure to find the best local resources! No more stressing out, no more hours spent browsing the internet, and definitely no more carrying things around the country.

Try these tools out and let us know what you think. Of course, if you have other suggestions, feel free to share them with us! Looking for more tips when planning your event? Check out these event planning tip articles.

Conquer Your Inbox And Boost Productivity With These Amazing Gmail Addons

Conquer Your Inbox and Boost Productivity with These Amazing Gmail Add-Ons

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At the beginning of 2015, I made that trendy vow to get organized and be efficient this year. It’s easy enough to keep a traditional planner, but email is harder to tame. There’s that client’s email to answer, then you need to respond to that follow-up request, and soon, the inbox has snowballed into a monster waiting to suck your time away.  I  had to rediscover old tricks and try new ones to find my way to a cleaner, organized inbox.  Here are four essential add-ons to help conquer your inbox and slay that time-sucker for once and for all.

Read More

Best Event Talks- Power of Introverts by Susan_Cain

Best Event Talks: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain [VIDEO]

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Yes, there are event planners who are introverts. Introverts excel in getting the details right, from picking the best minute to start an event to choosing the right pre-dinner drinks. So those meticulously planned events people talk about a lot? It’s likely that an introvert made that happen.

Despite this, our world still prefers people to be outgoing and social. In fact, school and work push us to be gregarious and seems to think that being quiet and timid is a negative trait. That doesn’t sit right with us since many people in our team are actually introverts. While some of us can be the life of the party, a few are also the strong, silent type that gets things done. Read More

1924 Flowchart

How To Flowchart Everything and Improve Your Event Processes

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There have been three transformational moments in my professional career. The first was learning how to delegate when I hired my first employees. The second was developing a good sense of work / life balance through better time management. And the third was discovering the life-changing transformational power of creating flowcharts in Lucidchart – especially for my event processes.

I am here today to discuss the third item and for the record I do not work for Lucidchart, nor do I receive any financial compensation for recommending it – although I wish had set up some type of agreement.

Read More

How To Host A Zero-Waste Event

3 Tips for Hosting A Zero-Waste Event

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More people are concerned about the environment than ever before. That’s great news for businesses that want to target conscious consumers, but it’s also good news for their bottom line. After all, you also save money when you conserve energy and materials. Because of this increased awareness, we’ve also noticed a shift toward eco-friendly, zero waste events, which makes sense to us. If you want to scale back expenses and attract new clients at your next corporate event or conference, you may want to focus on its environmental impact. A zero-waste event, or “zeewee”, is a clever and conscientious new option for industry conferences and music festivals alike. The term applies to any organized gathering that leaves no trace behind, and there are several cost-effective (and attractive) ways to pull this off. Read More

3 Unique Phoenix Event Venues For Your Next Corporate Event

3 Unique Phoenix Event Venues For Your Next Corporate Event

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When it comes time to plan a company event in Phoenix –your first order of business, should be finding venues but not any venues, unique Phoenix event venues.

You probably know the basic things that you’re looking for. You want a location that has enough space to accommodate the number of expected guests, and you also need to consider the facilities at the venue, to make sure they offer all of the amenities that you will need.

But what if you’re looking for a place that’s, well –interesting, fun, unique? Maybe you don’t want to go the standard conference center route, and instead want something offbeat and random. Choosing a new and unexpected location is a fantastic way to make an impression on your guests, and is sure to make your event one that will stand out for years!

Are you hoping for something that’s a bit different and outside of the box; read on for three unique locations –perfect for hosting corporate events in Phoenix.  Read More

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