Conquer Your Inbox And Boost Productivity With These Amazing Gmail Addons

Conquer Your Inbox and Boost Productivity with These Amazing Gmail Add-Ons

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At the beginning of 2015, I made that trendy vow to get organized and be efficient this year. It’s easy enough to keep a traditional planner, but email is harder to tame. There’s that client’s email to answer, then you need to respond to that follow-up request, and soon, the inbox has snowballed into a monster waiting to suck your time away.  I  had to rediscover old tricks and try new ones to find my way to a cleaner, organized inbox.  Here are four essential add-ons to help conquer your inbox and slay that time-sucker for once and for all.

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Best Event Talks- Power of Introverts by Susan_Cain

Best Event Talks: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain [VIDEO]

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Yes, there are event planners who are introverts. Introverts excel in getting the details right, from picking the best minute to start an event to choosing the right pre-dinner drinks. So those meticulously planned events people talk about a lot? It’s likely that an introvert made that happen.

Despite this, our world still prefers people to be outgoing and social. In fact, school and work push us to be gregarious and seems to think that being quiet and timid is a negative trait. That doesn’t sit right with us since many people in our team are actually introverts. While some of us can be the life of the party, a few are also the strong, silent type that gets things done. Read More

1924 Flowchart

How To Flowchart Everything and Improve Your Event Processes

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There have been three transformational moments in my professional career. The first was learning how to delegate when I hired my first employees. The second was developing a good sense of work / life balance through better time management. And the third was discovering the life-changing transformational power of creating flowcharts in Lucidchart – especially for my event processes.

I am here today to discuss the third item and for the record I do not work for Lucidchart, nor do I receive any financial compensation for recommending it – although I wish had set up some type of agreement.

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How To Host A Zero-Waste Event

3 Tips for Hosting A Zero-Waste Event

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More people are concerned about the environment than ever before. That’s great news for businesses that want to target conscious consumers, but it’s also good news for their bottom line. After all, you also save money when you conserve energy and materials. Because of this increased awareness, we’ve also noticed a shift toward eco-friendly, zero waste events, which makes sense to us. If you want to scale back expenses and attract new clients at your next corporate event or conference, you may want to focus on its environmental impact. A zero-waste event, or “zeewee”, is a clever and conscientious new option for industry conferences and music festivals alike. The term applies to any organized gathering that leaves no trace behind, and there are several cost-effective (and attractive) ways to pull this off. Read More

3 Unique Phoenix Event Venues For Your Next Corporate Event

3 Unique Phoenix Event Venues For Your Next Corporate Event

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When it comes time to plan a company event in Phoenix –your first order of business, should be finding venues but not any venues, unique Phoenix event venues.

You probably know the basic things that you’re looking for. You want a location that has enough space to accommodate the number of expected guests, and you also need to consider the facilities at the venue, to make sure they offer all of the amenities that you will need.

But what if you’re looking for a place that’s, well –interesting, fun, unique? Maybe you don’t want to go the standard conference center route, and instead want something offbeat and random. Choosing a new and unexpected location is a fantastic way to make an impression on your guests, and is sure to make your event one that will stand out for years!

Are you hoping for something that’s a bit different and outside of the box; read on for three unique locations –perfect for hosting corporate events in Phoenix.  Read More

Multitasking is a Myth

5 Reasons Why Multitasking Is a Myth

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I’m guessing that as you read this article, you may have some other things on your mind; you may have email alerts popping up or you are holding a side conversation with a colleague, you may be on hold with someone or attempting to sort through your expenses. You’ve got multitasking down to a fine art (or so you think) and I bet you think it saves you time. Right? You’d be surprised.

It is a common myth that multitasking is a great way to save time and get more done, but that couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is that multitasking is actually wasting your time. Sure, your tasks will probably get done but it’s unlikely you’ll take in much of what you read or perform at your best on any tasks that require concentration or memory.

Now don’t get me wrong, multitasking can work, but there is a limit to what it is useful for. You can walk and talk or drive and listen to the radio, but multitasking is really only useful for rote tasks. Here are five reasons why multitasking is a myth.

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Best Event Talks- Is Your Event Storm-Ready- Event Safety by David Vandenheuvel [VIDEO]

Best Event Talks: Is Your Event Storm-Ready? Event Safety by David Vandenheuvel [VIDEO]

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As they say, the show must go on. But we also know that bad weather and events don’t mix. So how do you ensure that your event is a success when something like a storm is coming your way?

We all would like to think that our events will go on, rain or shine, but sometimes the sky doesn’t agree with us. It’s not a simple case of fewer people going to the event due to a small drizzle. Bad weather also leads to lost revenue, property and even lives. We should be keeping event safety in mind whenever we host a new event. Read More

7 Ways to Destress After A Hectic Event

7 Ways to De-Stress After an Event

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I once heard an ancient proverb and it goes something like, “Behind every successful event is a few newly-sprouted gray hairs, and a stressed out event planner.” Okay, I just made that up but come to think of it, we always get a bit stressed, to say the least, after an event, regardless of how successful it is.

Every event has its last-minute problems, which in turn is what imposes stress. That’s a good thing though, since stress is how the body helps us solve problems. Stress hormones let us access our energy reserves, increasing our strength, endurance and focus to tackle the challenge at hand.

But stress is also a contradicting phenomenon as it can be extremely tolling on the body and mind. Many times, our stress levels remain irregular after the problem is resolved. What we need is a quick way to de-stress afterward so we can get back to our-cheery-selves. Let me share a few ways I cope with stress after a hectic event: Read More

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