How To Boost Productivity With a 23-Minute Ritual, How To Find ANY Email Address, And The Secret For Headache-Free Scheduling [Einsteins’ Favorites]

How To Boost Productivity With a 23-Minute Ritual, How To Find ANY Email Address, And The Secret For Headache-Free Scheduling [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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There are two things every event planner needs: fresh ideas and everyday productivity. It’s hard to come up with dozens of new insights at a snap. It’s even harder to stay 100% focused all the time. Thankfully, technology is here to help us be more creative and productive. We’ve rounded up a few ideas that will stir up your creativity, boost productivity, and even save you some money on your next flight!

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IMEX America - USA's Largest Meetings Industry Trade Show

IMEX America: USA’s Largest Meetings Industry Trade Show – #EventIcons Episode 33

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It is without question that IMEX America is the United States’ largest meeting industry trade show. All you have to do is take a look around at all of the attendees and see that it’s a who’s who of the entire industry. We know many people could not make it out to Vegas this year for the annual event so we decided to bring IMEX to you. We hosted a special 2-hour edition of #EventIcons live from the show floor where we interviewed more than 14 icons of the events industry back to back. We talked about everything from the hosted buyer program, to what to do if it’s your first time, and even peeked into the future of IMEX America. So, relax and enjoy our special LIVE from IMEX America episode of #EventIcons! Read More

Use Music To Take Your Event To The Next Level

Use Music To Take Your Event To The Next Level – #EventIcons Episode 32

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We’re so excited to feature SongDivision – the world’s premier Experiential Music Agency! Since 2003, they’ve pioneered music-based team building programs, conference openers, and experiential marketing campaigns around the globe, with clients such as Microsoft, Pfizer, Coca-Cola and KPMG calling on them in over 20 countries to engage, educate, and entertain their audiences. Our special guests are Angus Clark (General Manager, Americas) and Sam McNeill (General Manager, UK & Europe). Topics will include music and how you can incorporate it into an event to make it epic, as well as getting the inside scoop on how Angus and Sam got into this business! We’ll learn how they are leading the way with music in events, and they’ll be sharing a few secrets about what’s next on the horizon! Ever heard of a Selfie Song? You want one! Ever heard of a Carpool Karaoke Booth? You need one at your next event! This is the episode to tune into! Read More


SEPA: Creating Future Event Icons – #EventIcons Episode 31

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This week were featuring SEPA (Student Event Planners Association)! We’ll be discussing how we are working to create future Event Icons! We are thrilled to welcome our guests: Kate Patay of Creative Coverings, Aubri Nowowiejski the Founder and Board Director at Student Event Planners Association, Kathy Newby of #AskForKathy, and Kelly Treadway of EventCurious. This incredible team of event icons will be discussing how SEPA is impacting the events industry, and offering tips for students who want to get involved! Join us and bring your questions! Read More


How Funko Became The #1 Collectible In The World – #EventIcons Episode 30

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This week we’re thrilled to be joined by Funko’s creator and founder, Mike Becker! We’re talking to Mike about how he developed his vision and transformed his dreams into reality! Mike will explain how the company got started and eventually grew into the iconic, worldwide mammoth that it is today! You have a unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes a bit to learn how Funko Fun Days became a part of San Diego Comic Con. Also, Mike’s going to share with us how the company uses events like Fun Days to connect with fans, and how they keep surprising and delighting us year after year. In this episode, you’ll be privy to insider information about where where they are headed, as well as updates about some exciting new ventures that Mike has going on. You don’t want to miss this exclusive, live interview! Join us and bring your questions! Read More

Endless’ Greatest Hits: Our Most Popular, Valuable and Controversial Event Blog Posts of All Time

Endless’ Greatest Hits: Our Most Popular, Valuable and Controversial Event Blog Posts of All Time

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In more than two years of weekly writing on our event blog, we’ve had a handful of posts stand out above the rest… For the last 120 weeks, we’ve published a weekly post on this event blog. Just as our sign-up form says, we want to give you the trips, secret tips and trends that help make your events rise above the rest. So we’ve compiled our most popular, shared and controversial posts of all time. We did this for three reasons:

  • To give new readers an easy “digest” of posts to start with.
  • To give long-time readers an appendix of important posts to revisit when they become more relevant to them.
  • To try and get a better sense of what works and what doesn’t.

What we’ve found is that generally, the posts on this list have one of these two characteristics:

  1. They challenge the status quo of the events industry
  2. They solve a problem that event and meeting planners have to deal with every day

It was fun looking back and putting this list together of our top event blogs, and we hope it’s as helpful for you as it was for us. Read More


Meet The Man Behind #EventIcons & Endless Entertainment – #EventIcons Episode 29

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Meet the Man Behind #EventIcons – Will Curran, President and Event Guru of Endless Entertainment! He’s back from his European Extravaganza business trip, and it’s his turn to be our featured guest icon! This week the show’s creator is in the hot seat and answering your questions! This is your opportunity to have exclusive access to the man himself. He’ll be tackling topics such as how he got into the business, and how he made his dream WORK! He’s also going to be sharing his personal hints, tips, tech, and strategies to help you find success in this industry! We may even leak some top secret info about awesome upcoming guests and show topics that you won’t want to miss! Read More

#EventIcons Episode 28

What’s The ROI Of Events? – #EventIcons Episode 28

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This week we are focusing on the ROI of events: Aligning internal stakeholders to achieve organizational goals through events. We’ve put together an awesome panel of industry leaders! Our guests include Tahira Endean (Event Producer of #BCTECH Summit – 2016, MeetingsNet Changemaker, Top 30 CMP Influencer, Top Five Women in #EventTech), Claire Repass (Director of Events, Inspirato with American Express), and Eric Ly (Founder and CEO of Presdo, Co-founder and Founding CTO of LinkedIn). We’ll be tackling topics such as: How to Show Different Aspects of ROI, How Building Community and Networking Affects the ROI of Events, and our panelist’s Favorite CRMs and Tech Tools. You definitely don’t want to miss this! Read More

#EventIcons Episode 27

Technology for Measuring Event ROI – #EventIcons Episode 27

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Measuring and Managing Events with Technology – What technology are you currently using for measuring event ROI? What works? What doesn’t? This week’s episode of #EventIcons features Michael Piddock of Glisser and Brian Friedman of Loopd. With so much technology out there these days it is sometimes difficult to sort through it all and find what works best. As event planners, we need the ability to measure and manage events with ease and accuracy. This week we address this need and delve into tech that offers the functionality that we need in this business. These industry-leading event icons are here, live, to answer all of your questions about the technology they use to measure and manage their events and why they love it. Join us, and take your place on the cutting-edge of event tech! Read More