Best Event Talks- How to Hack into Big Corporations by Sean Holladay [VIDEO]

Best Event Talks: How to Hack into Big Corporations by Sean Holladay [VIDEO]

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If you’re going to dream, it’s better to dream big. And nothing gets bigger than planning events for big corporations. Once you handle an enterprise-level event and do it well, you immediately gain a huge amount of credibility in the eyes of other companies. And, of course, doing these large events are financially rewarding as well.

But how do you start? Read More

Einsteins Favorites - Best Event Planning Articles Of The Week

Einsteins’ Favorites: Best Conference Tips, How to Initiate Conversations at Your Next Event & 30 Excellent Presentation Tools That Will Impress Your Audience

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This week Einsteins’ Favorites shows you the best practices to follow when attending your next conference and how to break the ice and start networking. From the same conference tips category, you’ll find out which are the most powerful tools that are bound to make your presentations stand out.
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How to Design the Perfect PowerPoint Presentation

Designing the Perfect PowerPoint Presentation

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PowerPoint presentations have been around seemingly forever. Case in point, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t relate to the feeling of being stuck in a meeting, hostage to someone slowly flipping through slides and reading directly from them. Not only is that scenario an ineffective way to share information, but it’s also a surefire way to put an audience to sleep. And, unfortunately, it’s still a common practice. Read More

2 Things You Need To Do To Grow Your Business

2 Things You Need To Do To Grow Your Business

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The event planning business is a busy one, without a doubt. Emails, meetings, site visits, and a whole lot more take up the usual day of an event manager like you.

But are all of these activities really improving your business? Companies usually don’t go down in one majestic crash like in the movies. It’s that “death by a thousand cuts” that usually kills it. A bit of extra time spent here, a bit of extra effort there and soon you’re not doing business anymore but doing chores. And chores suck.

So here are my two tips for you today to grow your business: Read More

Einstein's Favorites - Best Event Planning Articles For This Week

Einsteins’ Favorites: 10 Smart Startups with Innovative Ideas for Events, How to Measure and Increase the Success of Your Event & Powerful Ways to Activate FOMO in Your Attendees

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Einsteins’ Favorites brings you this week the latest information on startups with innovative ideas for events. It also highlights the power of data in measuring and increasing the success of any event and unveils some powerful ways event planners can use to activate FOMO (fear of missing out) in their attendees.

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Motorized Video Projection Mapping at Adobe MAX 2014

Motorized Video Projection Mapping at Adobe MAX 2014

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How do you capture the attention of an audience and mesmerize them from the second the first person takes the stage to the last person leaving? Try two large 27-foot  by 30-foot periaktoi (imagine two large polygons) mapped completely by video content. At Adobe MAX 2014, they sought to be the first large-scale attempt to project onto a large piece of moving scenery at a large corporate conference. This left audiences with their jaws completely on the floor and possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of visual design ever seen at a corporate event. Read More

How to Automate your Work Easily

How To Automate Your Work Easily

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You don’t need me to tell you that your job is the busiest in the world. But being busy isn’t the same as getting work done. Probably the best way to do that is to automate your work.

Automation means robots and robots are awesome, right? Well, you are going to use robot, sort of. The automation we’re talking about here is using apps, tools and even assistants to off load some of your tasks so you can focus on the work that’s important for your business and career.

The question now is: what do I automate? Here are a 4 types of jobs you can automate easily: Read More

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