Einsteins’ Favorites: The Best Tips for Event Planners- How to Promote Your Event Using Twitter, What AV Equipments to Use and How to Connect People at Your Event

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Do you want to promote your event successfully on Twitter? Do you want to stay ahead of the game using the latest generation AV equipments? Or do you want your event to be remembered as the greatest networking place on Earth? This week, Einsteins’ Favorites has picked the best tips for event planners!

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Get Out of the Boardroom- 5 Offsite Meeting Spaces

Get Out of the Boardroom: 5 Offsite Meeting Spaces

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We all know about that meeting room in the office. The one that is used for brainstorming sessions, conference calls, board meetings, baby showers, and probably more naps than you can even imagine. This hotbed of creativity and innovation is… well…. not. Consider one of these unique offsite meeting spaces that will energize your next corporate meeting.

A Few Offsite Meeting Spaces to Consider

1) Hitting a Homerun

Bringing together the leaders of your company can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be a boring one. Most Sporting stadiums and arenas have great clubroom space or suites that can double as a boardroom for groups of 10 to 50 or more. With views of the field, high-quality catering, and cost saving “down seasons”, these venues are sure to impress your team. Read More

5 Valuable Techniques To Learn Faster, Better, Smarter

5 Valuable Techniques To Learn Faster, Better, Smarter

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It’s ridiculous how fast things are changing these days. You need to learn about new tech each month, research for new projects each week, and understand new ideas each day. How can a mere mortal keep up with all of this?

There’s only one solution: learn faster. Learning quickly is not just about consuming lots of information in the shortest possible time. It also means gaining a deep understanding of what you need to know while discarding the things you don’t need to learn. It means being efficient as well as effective in your learning.

And like all things, there are many tools and tricks that you can use to learn better. So before burying yourself in research, first take a look at these five techniques for learning faster. Read More

5 TED Talks That Will Teach You Event Design

5 TED Talks That Will Teach You Event Design

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Designing the an event space that is both functional, and pleasant to look at can be difficult. On the one hand, #eventprofs need to seat all of their attendees, on the other hand, event planners want their spaces to feel unique and sophisticated. If you can relate to this challenge, you’re in luck. Here are five Ted Talks from world leaders in design, the goal being to inspire you to create event spaces that have sophistication and style, while also being functional for your attendees. So take a look at the short and sweet videos below and inject some inspiration into your day! Read More

Future of Corporate Meetings

2025: The Future of Corporate Meetings

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Endless Entertainment was featured in the February issue of Rejuvenate magazine talking about the future of corporate meetings. This article features a huge amount of ideas and speculations as to what events will look like for everything from signage to future of venues.

From the editors of Rejuvenate, here’s how they describe the article: “Popular culture’s futuristic predictions of helpful robots, flying machines and oversize computers are surprisingly not that far off from what was to come—controlled environments, multiple-screen computers and even phones that allowed colleagues in different locations to conference at the same time. What are futurists predicting for 2025?” Read More

5 Good Reasons to Get Enough Sleep

5 Good Reasons to Get Enough Sleep

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Get some sleep. Not right now of course, but maybe after finishing this article, cause I’m pretty sure that you need it. A recent survey found that around 49% of the respondents felt that they don’t get enough sleep. It’s a vicious cycle, too. When you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t perform well, leading you to work more and stay up longer, which cuts into your sleeping time. Rinse and repeat.

The most basic reason why you need enough sleep is to give your body time to repair itself. Sleep helps the body rebuild muscles, maintain good skin and keep your senses sharp. Even better, getting a good night’s sleep actually boosts your other abilities as well. Here are 5 great benefits of getting proper sleep each day. Read More

Best Event Talks- Margaret Heffernan

Best Event Talks: Embrace Conflict by Margaret Heffernan [VIDEO]

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If a new teammate said, “I hope we don’t get along,” how would you react? Would you chalk it up to a verbal slip? Would you be offended? Would you control the urge to give them a good smack?

Sure, it’s going to rub you the wrong way. But in their defense, conflict does help us grow, innovate and solve the problem. It’s what Margaret Heffernan want us to understand in this week’s Best Event Talk. Read More

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