Einsteins Favorites - Best Event Planning Articles Of The Week

Einsteins’ Favorites: How to Boost Attendees’ Engagement at Meetings, Why Visuals Are Leading the Way in Social Media & How Beacons Can Improve the Event Experience

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This week’s selection is partly dedicated to improving attendees’ engagement, both online and offline. You will also find out about some smart apps promising to boost your brain power and learn all about beacons and how they can help with two of your biggest event challenges: attendees’ engagement and crowd management.

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GoVig Shows Flair with AV Production

GoVig Shows Flair Using AV Production

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What do you think about when someone mentions a corporate event? I bet the image you picture is pretty similar to this: A standard 4 walled room, round tables with some kind of standard arrangement, and a stage with a screen projecting a powerpoint. Basically, the event meets all the functional aspects but simply lacks a bit of flair. Corporate events tend to shy away from bold themes to keep a neutral and professional environment. Your company events should be the exact opposite because this is the perfect opportunity to not only showcase your brand visually but your company culture. We recently teamed up with GoVig, a headhunter agency, to produce their event of the year. From Skull Head Vodka awards to live remote cameras, this was not your typical corporate event. Read More

Best Event Talks- Trends In Event Design by David Merrell [VIDEO]

Best Event Talks: Trends In Event Design by David Merrell [VIDEO]

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Do you know what’s in and what’s out when it comes to event design? We know that you’d like to be on top of the latest trends so we figured this week’s Best Event Talk would fit in perfectly.

Joining us is David Merrell of AOO Events, though you’d probably know him better as the founder of DesignDawgs or maybe from his numerous speaking engagements through the years. He’s held several local and international leadership positions in the International Special Events Society (better known as ISES). Read More

Einsteins Favorites - Best Event Planning Articles Of The Week

Einsteins’ Favorites: 7 Amazing Technology Trends Disrupting the Events Industry, How CEOs Should Approach Big Technology Trends & Magic Colors at the World’s Largest Festival of Lights

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This week we bring you the latest news on event technology trends and show you how it’s best to approach them from a CEO perspective. We also reveal some quick guidelines for starting an event planning blog and for managing a Facebook business page well. And our top favorite this week is the beautiful collection of pictures from Sydney’s festival of light and sound, that let us peek into the beauty of the city by night.

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Engaging Audiences with Live Twitter Feeds

Engaging Audiences with Live Twitter Feeds

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Social media is your gateway to untapped marketing potential. Its effectiveness, though, is dependent on how well you use it for generating a long-term rapport in your B2B or B2C interactions. The power of a 140-character tweet should not be underestimated and should be leveraged during a live event or seminar. Studies show that social media users are 71% more likely to purchase a product from a brand they’re connected with.

Incorporating a live Twitter feed for your next conference or trade show is a great way to keep the interaction with your guests flowing. The last thing you want is for your guests to become disengaged by tending to personal matters on their phone or leaving early. Learn the top strategies for using a Twitter wall to keep the attendees’ attention. Read More

Best Event Talks- What is Good Comedy by Ricky Gervais [VIDEO]

Best Event Talks: What is Good Comedy by Ricky Gervais [VIDEO]

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Humor is a great way to lighten the mood of any event. It can range from the speaker giving a funny anecdote at the start of his talk to hiring a professional like a stand-up comic to be your opening act.

Not everyone can pull off good comedy, but this guy can. This week’s Best Event Talk is from Ricky Gervais, one of the most brilliant comedians in the business today. Read More

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