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If your corporate party needs a little refreshing you have come to the right place! We are bringing you some new and unique company holiday party ideas that will breathe life into your next event. If you find yourself doing the same thing year after year your employees might be bored or even dread coming to the holiday party. Remember, a company holiday party is a time to bring everyone together and celebrate the year. It is supposed to be enjoyable and exciting! These company holiday party ideas will encourage engagement and leave your guests excited about the company! 

company holiday party ideas (2)Company Holiday Party Ideas: Be Inclusive

Skip Specific Holidays and Celebrate the Season

A holiday party should bring everyone together, creating a stronger team. Keeping your party inclusive will unify instead of creating divisions. You don’t know what holidays your team celebrates. Keep religion out of it. Be inclusive and play it safe by just saying “Happy Holidays”, call it a holiday party to everyone feels welcome and included. While this is the most obvious way to be inclusive, let’s take a look at a few other important ways. 

Add Non-Specific Decor 

Don’t focus on one holiday or religion. There is no way you can include all in your decor and it’s better to keep it nonspecific. Think of seasonal decors like snowflakes, interesting holiday lighting such as snowflakes or wintery projection, and seasonal florals. 

company holiday party ideas (5)Company Holiday Party Ideas: A New Way to Party

Break up the Parties into Smaller Groups

Make your gathering more intimate with this company holiday party idea. Instead of having one big gathering consider breaking up the party into smaller events for each department. This allows for attendees to really get to bond with their teammates. Sometimes at larger parties, it can be hard to really get to know your coworkers because of the volume of people you need to say hi to and meet. Departments could take this idea a step further allowing the team members to vote on what they would like the activity to be such as a painting party, bowling, or a night at a brewery. Letting the team have a vote creates a sense of ownership and excitement leading to the event! 

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Include the family

Include the family with a holiday brunch or breakfast with Santa. Making a daytime family-centric event will allow your employees to bring their whole family and enjoy making memories with them. Be sure to include plenty of activities for kids like a cookie decorating station, have Santa on hand, family sleigh rides, bring in snow to play in, set up crafting stations, or even have a live reindeer. 

Company Holiday Party Ideas: Catering

Consider All Diets 

Make sure your catering menu is inclusive for your guests. Talk to your caterers about providing inclusion options to meet most dietary needs such as vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free options making sure everyone will be able to have a plate. Try having a few vegetarian options, not only are they a safe bet for most, they are more sustainable. 

Go Creative with Dining Options 

Everyone wants attendees engaged and creative dining options can be an excellent way to do just that. Gone are the days a buffet dinner was impressive. Standing in a long line to shovel food on your plate is boring and can put a dip in engagement at your event. Instead of a buffet incorporate unique dining experiences such as food in different formats than guests are used to seeing them, suspend dinner in the sky or offer a meal where the guests finish the plate by choosing toppings and sauces. “When looking at fun catering ideas, customization is key. People love having the opportunity to think about toppings and make their own flavorful creation. The creative aspect is also a built-in conversation starter for guests. You’ll soon enough have people mingling as they discuss what they’ll be eating.” peerspace


There has been a slow decline in drinking over the last several years. Berenberg Research found that respondents in their teens and early 20s were drinking over 20% less per capita than millennials. And 64% of Gen Z respondents said that they expected to drink alcohol less frequently when they grew older than today’s older generations do. Mocktails are a great way to still have festive drinks without alcohol! 

Tasting Station 

Another unique company holiday idea that is sure to be a hit is a tasting station. Set up a themed station where guests can try unique offerings. This will be a great experience to remember the party by. What you offer should depend on your crowd but some ideas we have liked recently are cheese, craft beer, or chocolate. In a recent episode of #EventIcons, we covered the hottest holiday trends of 2019. In the episode, Sydney Wolf predicted Spiked Seltzer tasting bars to be a huge trend. 

Unique Holiday Party Ideas: Theming 

Look outside the industry for inspiration 

Looking outside the industry is a great place to find company holiday party ideas. The places to look are almost limitless. Think about what was big in pop-culture during the year in movies and music. Look to award shows, the MET Gala and celebrity gatherings for inspiration. This will keep your party fresh and not just repeating what others have done within the industry.

Set the Scene

As an AV Company, we love this next holiday party idea! If you have a great theme set the scene with projection! Using projection mapping to enhance a scene creates an immersive experience. Below you can see an example of this done well at The Temple House. They have created a winter wonderland and immersive experience projection snowflakes and cool tones onto the wall. 

company party ideas

Source: The Temple House

Unique Holiday Party Ideas: Keep it Engaging 

Video or Slo-mo Booth 

Everyone loves a photo booth. I would argue it is a staple at company holiday parties. Everyone loves to gather in and take photos. So how can you take it past the expected and really wow your attendees? Several ways! With video on the rise a video photo booth or slow-mo booth will add an unexpected twist and bring life to your booth. Make sure to have props on hand like confetti that will play out beautifully in this format! Be sure that everyone is able to get their videos to bring home as a memory! Take this company holiday party idea one step further and compile all the videos from the night to share internally with your team or promote next year’s party! 

Give Back

Give back to your community in some form during your holiday party. Cutting a check and announcing a donation is an easy way to do this, but it lacks involvement. Instead, foster engagement and have your attendees help! Set up a make a bear station to donate to a local kids organization, add a charity drive for a local homeless shelter and ask people to bring in blankets, toiletries and more for donations. Ask guests to bring non-perishable food items for a local food bank and have each donation become an entry into a drawing for a large prize at the end of the night. 

DIY Stations 

A great experience is key to a memorable event. This company party idea allows for a hands-on and interactive experience that can double as a take away from your event. It’s a great way to give guests something to do. Set up an ornament making station, DIY ink dyed coasters, or allow guests to build-their-own succulent garden. Attendees will bring these home and it will be a great reminder of the fun event. 

company holiday party ideas (7)Unique Company Holiday Party Ideas: The Basics

Make sure your event has meaning 

Corporate company parties aren’t just a yearly obligation. It’s a time to come together. Use your time together to send a message to your team. You can touch on excitement for the next year, and recap some of the highlights of the last. Whatever you do be authentic and make sure your party embodies your core values and culture

Don’t Draw it Out 

The holiday season is busy enough and people’s attention spans are shorter than ever. Keep your party fun and to the point. A company holiday party is not the place for a cocktail hour, followed by several course dinner, speeches and THEN activities. That is just way too long! 

2-3 hours is the perfect amount of time for your company holiday party. Better yet make sure the party is something attendees can come and go as they wish. Instead of having a long sit down dinner, appetizers and small plate stations throughout the venue allowing guests to eat when they want and encourages mingling. Keep your speeches short and make sure there are activities available from start to finish so no matter what time your guests arrive there is something to do! 

Get Your Guests to and From Safely 

Offer your attendees Lyft or Uber codes to ensure everyone makes it to and from the party safely. This company holiday party idea will be well appreciated by your employees and show them you really care. This is especially important if you are serving alcohol at your event.

Location Location Location!

I used to work for a company that had a corporate picnic 1.5 hours away from the office. Yes, you read that right 1.5 hours from the office. While the location was lovely with a beautiful lake and scenic mountain backdrop everyone dreaded coming because it was about a 3-hour adventure to and from. Don’t let this happen to your party! Choose a location close to the office so it will be a similar distance to what your employees are already used to commuting. This way the time it takes to get to the party will not become an obstacle for attending. 

Company Holiday Party Ideas – That’s a Wrap!

There you have it the most refreshing company holiday party ideas for you to implement at your next event! Do you have a great idea you think we should have included? Reach out and let us know! 

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