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11. MeetingPlay

MeetingPlay is an event platform that offers flexible navigation. The MeetingPlay team will develop your ideal button configuration based on a flat or virtual lobby look and feel. Pre-recorded sessions allow for the speaker to join the right-side toolbar to answer questions asked in the Q&A panel with video participation in real-time. Internal video collaboration rooms can support up to 40 users on camera and video meetings can be up to 4 users. MeetingPlay is focusing on crafting the premium onsite experience with facial recognition check-in kiosks, badge printing, and lead scanning. Currently, this platform offers 22 standard reports incorporating demographics, lead acquisition, and survey results. MeetingPlay has a built-in API that integrates with CRM and marketing tools.

Albert’s Aha! Feature: Aside from the most common engagement features (Q&A, live polling), you can also include a (virtual) swag store where attendees redeem their points for swag. 

A note to planners: Historically, the MeetingPlay team has needed to be more hands-on in building the platform for extensive coding. However, MeetingPlay Core, the most recent edition (made-for-simple-event-creation), has recently launched.

Building events since: 2012

10. Accelevents

Accelevents is the event platform that helps drive change. The platform offers native registration, streaming, interactive breakouts, and lead retrieval. The welcome page highlights the modules you would like to highlight including the leaderboard, event-wide chat, and activity stream. Accelevents offers a workshop-style session for up to 250 attendees to participate in a meeting with up to 25 users on camera. Meetups sessions include speed networking and Lounges are topic-based discussion threads that include video conversations that can be used for a coffee break. Exhibitor booths offer an add-on live booth member to be present with a video that attendees can choose to engage with a customized CTA link. The dashboard provides an overview of ticket sales, while the analytics tab is currently split up for registration, sponsors, exhibitors, networking, lounges, sessions, and gamification that provide reports that can be downloaded as CSV files. Accelevents currently integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and Zapier.

Albert’s Aha feature: Seamlessly collect donations from your attendees during the ticketing & registration process by adding an option for silent auctions, raffles, fund-a-need, online donations, or text-to-give. Instantly push notifications to attendees to begin donating or bidding during the event. Donors can also bid on items within seconds via text message.

A note to plannersThe menu design could be more flexible for creating additional tabs currently, but the platform allows you to embed specific widgets or the entire platform onto your own website.

Building events since: 2015

We’ve talked to Jonathan Kazarian, the CEO and founder of Accelevents, on the Event Tech Podcast. Click here to listen or read about the episode!

9. Hopin

Hopin offers powerful solutions. While Hopin has been a popular choice for planners of all event types, the Hopin team is strategizing how your event can be best marketed and implemented onsite too. In 2021, Hopin acquired Boomset, Attendify, Streamable, and jamm to incorporate powerful features including facial recognition, access control via RFID management, video collaboration spaces, video editing, and an audience CRM. Hopin’s native streaming is powered by StreamYard which is a familiar tool to many streamers. A GoFundMe campaign can be embedded in the session toolbar. The overview panel provides a dashboard of registrations and usage, while the analytics tab is currently segmented to provide 15 standard reports including surveys, viewership, and booth interactions that can be exported as CSV files. Hopin natively integrates with 20+ CRM and marketing tools with their API.

Albert’s Aha! Feature: Hopin is the ruler of cashless payments. Boomset by Hopin allows for on-site spending and voucher redemption to help decrease lines and enhance security. 

A note to planners: The menu design could be more flexible for creating additional tabs, but the interface is easy to navigate.

Building events since: 2019


 EXVO is the event platform that makes a remote world feel closer. EXVO can replicate the look and feel of your in-person venue or transport your event into any dream destination in 3D. As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to walk around the 3D environment as a floating robot and interact with other attendees by having 1:1 or group video calls. Multiple custom environments can be linked together to incorporate different ambiances, and the experience is all browser-based. No event platform currently can offer a more custom booth-design experience for your exhibitors and sponsors. EXVO does not offer any out-of-the-box integrations but has an open API and collects analytics on where attendees went and who they engaged with.

Albert’s Aha! Feature: If fully immersive 3D is among your non-negotiables for your event platform, EXVO just might be the right fit for you. Making your virtual space feel real will generate excitement among your attendees and foster better connections between your virtual and in-person audiences

A note to planners: Experience on mobile and tablets is currently limited, but the platform is easy to navigate for users with an up-to-date desktop or laptop computer.

Building events since: 2020 (but Allseated was founded in 2012)

Click here to check out Endless’ company meeting using EXVO as our chosen platform.

7. 6Connex

6Connex empowers attendee exploration. It provides an immense array of virtual lobby templates to implement as the home page, vendor booth, VIP lounge, or theater. Users can benefit from experiencing matchmaking with 1:1 or group video chat, obtaining reward points on the leaderboard, collaborating on a whiteboard, or finding hidden items throughout the platform on a scavenger hunt. 6Connex currently offers 35+ real-time analytic reports including session duration and popularity. The platform offers a public API and integrates with CRM and marketing tools. 

Albert’s Aha! Feature: 6Connex’s virtual lobby template gallery makes this platform ideal for constructing your virtual or hybrid venue. All templates can be branded for your specific program, and many can accommodate additional signage and click states. 

A note to planners: While virtual lobbies can create a unique experience for your attendees, they may get lost while looking for their session if multiple concurrent sessions are taking place.

Building events since: 2011

6. vFairs

vFairs is the event platform your marketing and design team will love. vFairs can be white-labeled and include multiple languages for the registration landing page, event platform, and mobile application. Attendees can simply log in with Single Sign-On or Two-Factor Authentication. Additionally, they can be greeted by a welcome video. There are four main areas for users to visit: the Virtual Auditorium, Exhibit Hall, Networking Chat Lounge, and Information Booth. The photo booth and social media will allow participants to share their favorite moments of the event. vFairs also offers built-in accessibility features including color contrast and text size adjustment. Currently, analytics reports can be generated for categories including attendance, booth interactions, questions asked and chats sent. After your event, a PDF summary report will generate key highlights. Integrations to CRMs are powered by Zapier. 

Albert’s Aha! Feature: Users can explore the Exhibit Hall booths, drop a business card, select their favorite documents and add them to their Digital Swag Bag.

A note to planners: While the virtual booths incorporate unique design elements, from a user’s perspective it feels more like engaging with a sponsor’s microsite, rather than interacting with booth representatives.

Building events since: 2016

5. CrowdComms

CrowdComms is the event platform that offers every piece of pizza and delivers. The platform manages registration, wayfinding, lead and attendance capture, and even silent auction solutions. Events are built by intertwining over 20 modules of features to lay out the custom experience for your guests. Watch a live stream in a networking room where you can move around to tables or open spaces to chat with others as the session is ongoing. The Achievement board and Multi-Factor Authentication are bonuses to keep your event secure and attendees fixed on content. Currently, this platform offers a simple analytics dashboard for an overview as well as downloadable reports for sponsor booth views, document downloads, session views, survey responses, and questions asked. CrowdComms has a built-in API that integrates with registration and marketing tools.

Albert’s Aha! Feature: Interactive Map & Wayfinding in CrowdComms allow for scanned destinations to be viewed on the map to see where you have been. 

A note to planners: Currently, their knowledge base has been slower to release product updates but they seem to be focusing on functionality development for the future of networking.

Building events since: 2011

4. Hubilo

Hubilo is the event platform that leads the industry for a modern user interface. The platform offers various advertising placements and virtual booths with custom CTA buttons and products. Networking opportunities include 1:1 video meetings, video lounges, and video rooms. The user’s briefcase allows them to see their notes, connections, and bookmarked users and documents. A custom URL, custom email sender details, and a Single-Sign-On login experience add value to your branded virtual venue. Currently, this platform offers cross-event dashboards for engagement revenue and attendee profiles. Each event currently consists of dashboards and downloadable reports for people, activity feed, registration, networking, speakers, sessions, virtual booths, and rooms. Hubilo has a built-in API that integrates with embeddable apps, CRMs, and marketing tools.

Albert’s Aha! Feature: Awaken your attendees’ inner competitors! Gamify your event with Hubilo’s contest module!

A note to planners: While the UI is sleek, it could take some time for your attendees to find what exists in the side panel menu. 

Building events since: 2015

3. Swapcard

Swapcard is the event platform that offers the strongest hybrid exhibiting experience. Schedule in-person or video meetings with exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, or attendees, and scan badges or Swapcodes to instantly share information in a custom-branded mobile application. Showcase products, services, or any item category that attendees can get recommended and even save to their My Event Plan. Live Now keeps the attendees right on schedule for the next streaming session. Create additional tabs in the menu that support any journey that you’d like your attendees to follow. Swapcard supports API integrations and currently has 24 built-in registration integrations including their own solution, Avolio.

Albert’s Aha! Feature: Give your webcam a rest by implementing audio-only roundtable sessions for up to 100 participants. 

A note to planners: Currently, users must access the event by being sent an event email or entering an event code, but the email manager can be whitelisted for your domain to be the sender’s details. 

Building events since: 2013

2. Webex Events (formerly Socio

Webex Events is the event platform that is most easy to use. This platform offers registration, badge design, native streaming powered by Restream, a custom-branded mobile app for your community, lead retrieval, and onsite check-in. The mobile experience offers a shake or tap to connect. It includes an event feed, gamification leaderboard, video rooms for up to 16 people, and accessibility features including color contrast, text size adjustment, subtitles, and more. The platform offers multiple dashboards and four downloadable reports on metrics, chats, calls to action, and the event game. Currently, Webex Events integrates with registration tools but does not support API integrations.

Albert’s Aha! Feature: Live display: Display platform dashboards in real-time and publish them to every venue screen! 

A note to planners: Branding opportunities are currently limited, but the interface is easy to navigate.

Building events since: 2016

We’ve talked about producing virtual events with Socio’s Kara Gladish and Sheehan Hubbard on the #EventIcons Podcast. Click here to listen or read about the episode!

1. PheedLoop

Pheedloop is the event platform that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible for the future of events. This platform includes registration, badge design, credit tracking, streaming with Meet & Stream, a custom-branded mobile app, donations, gamification, and 1:1 video networking. Real-time presence tracking empowers attendees to always see who is around them at the event, and connect privately. Pheedloop implements speaker and exhibitor management portals as well as accessibility features including color contrast, text size adjustment, and subtitles. Currently, this platform offers a REST API with 12 analytic dashboards for page visits, download, and message reports that can also be exported as CSV files.

Albert’s Aha! Feature: Pheedloop’s built-in floor plan builder syncs with all the booths added to the event platform. The Auto-layout tool allows you to put all your booths on the floor plan with one click and is instantly synced with back-end changes made to booth assignments.

A note to planners: Branding opportunities are currently limited, but the interface is easy to navigate.

Building events since: 2015


Choose The Best Event Platform For YOU!

And there you have it: the best event platforms list brought to you by the Einsteins of Events. But remember: just because these platforms rank high, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best fit for your particular event. No platform on this list is one-size-fits-all. Those who have been following our content on attendee engagement know that every event requires a different usage of features to keep the audience feeling connected and engaged. The selection of your event platform will vary depending on what kind of experience you’re planning and what your non-negotiables are.

The Endless team is technology-agnostic. We help planners choose an event platform that will best deliver on THEIR event strategy. Additionally, we also design and construct the platform and the mobile app, manage speakers, and offer exhibitor and attendee support. Yes, we do all that – and more! So if you need a partner who will amplify your event strategy, feel free to talk to us! The Einsteins of Events are here to help.


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