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It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year! Because let’s face it – who among us doesn’t look forward to the annual holiday company party? Everyone can let loose and have fun with their coworkers, celebrate the company wins, and leave the year behind on a positive note. Granted, 2020 has been filled with challenges. And hosting a typical get-together with your employees won’t be possible this year. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to be canceled! There are plenty of virtual holiday party ideas out there to inspire you.

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As a company that’s been virtual since its inception, Endless knows all about virtual parties. Add on top of that our vast experience with digital events and we have all the answers you’ve been looking for! Keeping the spirits up has never been more important than now. So we asked everyone in our team for their best virtual holiday party ideas and compiled the ultimate list. Your team will love every minute of it – and even more so if you add a few personalized touches here and there!

Christmas Murder Mystery

Living in the 21st century surely has its perks. And one of those perks is that you can find the most exciting virtual games anywhere online! But a company holiday party calls for more than just your run-of-the-mill chess game. How about you take things up a notch and host a Christmas Murder Mystery?

You can add music and costumes to the mix as well. Just picture how much fun everyone will have collecting clues and solving a mystery together, as a team! Online options to help you put this idea together include A Deadly Dose, Murder in the Red Room, and Little Rock Horror Shop Murder.

Theme Party: Dress For The Occasion!

Theme parties have become a staple in the COVID world. People had to pull those creative muscles! And what better way to spice up a Zoom call than to have everyone dress up? The theme can be anything you want – let your imagination run free. From an ugly Christmas sweater contest to an Italian mob concept or something more personal, the sky’s the limit.

Chicago Style Pizza Party

Nothing says Merry Christmas like an authentic Chicago pizza! Well, maybe not, but it’s still an awesome idea. Imagine just going about your day and a Chicago-style pizza shows up at your door? Just how special would all of your colleagues and employees feel? Food delivery services are everywhere and working harder than ever these days, so sending a little something to your team would be the perfect way to kickstart the party.

Send Out The Accessories

Since we’re on the topic of sending people something, you can also treat your employees with small gifts. You can tie it with the theme party idea and gift them with the necessary accessories – think fedoras for the Italian mob concept or Christmas sweaters from your local department store. Or you can go the extra mile and put together some care packages with small bottles of liquor, jams, cheese…the works!

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Christmas Fitness Class

What’s the common denominator all across the world when it comes to the holidays? Food! Delicious, caloric, homemade delicacies that comfort our souls. But adding on the pounds does tend to happen around this time of year. And while there’s nothing wrong with that – especially considering the circumstances – staying healthy is also important.

So why not host a fitness class with your team? Get them moving around in fun and inventive ways. Maybe it’s yoga, maybe it’s Zumba, maybe it’s just some good old pushups. Just make sure you get the blood pumping!

Cameo Holiday

Looking for virtual holiday party ideas that your employees will never forget? Well, Cameo is a fool-proof way of doing it! With all sorts of celebrities available on the app, there’s no better way of wishing the team farewell than investing in a holiday message from Snoop Dogg or David Hasselhoff. Or, you know, whoever your favorite A-list celeb is.

Holiday Movie Streaming

Is there a single soul alive who doesn’t appreciate a good holiday movie? There’s a reason why Hollywood keeps pumping out Christmas movies every year, and that’s because they’re a hit! Something about classics like Home Alone or Love, Actually just have a way of awakening the festive beast in people. So go ahead and stream something everyone can watch and enjoy together!

Wine Tasting

If you’re looking for something a tad fancier amongst all the virtual holiday party ideas out there, you’ll want to give this a shot. Remember when we talked about gifting your team something? Well, you could actually send out a few bottles of wine their way and then bring everyone together – virtually – to taste your wonderful surprises.

Let’s Bake Sweets!

For an even sweeter holiday season that ties together with a group activity, you can suggest your team a little baking session. Whether it’s Christmas cookies or a pie, everyone can turn on their cameras and whip something up in the kitchen. This idea is a plus if you have people working from all over the world – even if they don’t celebrate Christmas, each person can cook a typical sweet dish from their country or swap recipes with a co-worker to make it even more fun and challenging!

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Host A Talent Show

When it comes to holiday parties, everyone is just looking forward to the opportunity of letting loose with their co-workers. And what better way to do that than hosting a virtual talent show? This will allow your team to showcase their hidden talents – maybe John from Sales is an origami master – and to get to know each other better. Plus, who wouldn’t love to find out that their boss is actually a closeted Tango dancer?

Everybody Loves Charades

Charades are a classic for a reason. If you’re running low on virtual holiday party ideas, there’s nothing wrong with going for something more traditional. Maybe talent shows and fitness classes aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay! Charades are a light-hearted and enjoyable activity that everyone will love to partake in.

Dancing Is Always A Good Idea

Did anyone say dancing?! Let’s be real, there will come a time when everyone is just a tad tipsy…tipsy enough to start busting out their iconic dance moves once you blast a cheerful tune. A dance party can actually serve as the perfect final act for your holiday party. Everyone will log out feeling cheerful, happy, and more connected to the rest of the team. This is not the time to be super serious, but rather a great opportunity to bring the team together.

Virtual Card Exchange

Finishing off our virtual holiday party ideas is another classic, with a twist. Nothing says happy holidays quite like a cute card made from the heart, right? And while this year your employees won’t be able to hand them out in person, they can always get creative with online tools. Have everyone wish each other a wonderful season by exchanging festive pieces of art!

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