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A conference is more than just talks and booths inside a ballroom. Often, you’ll be in charge of the entire schedule of hundreds, if not thousands, of people throughout several days. This means their experience both during and in-between conference events are in your hands. Sounds like a daunting task right?

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Not to worry, that’s why we’ve put together all our conference planning guides here, to make sure you plan the best event experience for them. From their stay at your designated accommodation, to the talks they will attend and to their networking and unwinding time, we’ve got you covered.


Conference Events Think Outside the Ballroom

Conferences are commonly confined to the ballroom, but these days it’s important to extend the experience to other places. Make buzz by formatting your event as a party, instead of something serious. Do it like they do in awards nights, with grand entrances and photo ops for social media. Pick a fun theme and experiential activities, but remember to ensure everything is aligned to the overall purpose of the event. If you want to build connections, you can also rehash your conference planning and go for a smaller venue with a more intimate time. This way, their senses will be awakened, ideas will flow better and your event will become truly memorable.


Where to Host Your Next Conference: 8 Best Locations

When it comes to host cities, you can have a great but cliché location. But you can also discover a locale that’s truly unique. If you want your event to stand out, going for a venue that still can provide a grand experience to attendees even outside the event itself. They want a new experience, and are counting on you to deliver. This list has 8 new locations that match up business with leisure, ensuring your attendees have a good time with the locale and the culture while keeping them safe and primed for learning during the event.


A Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Conference Venue

Getting the perfect venue is time-consuming, and things can fall through the cracks during conference planning if you’re not careful. What you need is a set process that will make sure your venue ticks all the right boxes. Our guide will take you through your event goals, your potential audience, your budget, and the planned content of your event. It also gives you time to consider the accessibility, entertainment and lodgings of your audience.

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conference staging ideas projection mapping

How to Get Creative with Conference Staging Ideas

It can be hard to engage an audience when you’re up on a platform away from them. Thus, it’s important to foster interactivity between the content on the stage and the audience. There are a lot of options on how to achieve this, from the budget-friendly styrofoam cutouts to creative use of lighting and video. You can also play around projection mapping, modular staging and eye-popping backdrops. The key is finding the perfect balance between what works and what your audience will like.


conference sponsorship

Understanding Conference Sponsorship

The topic of sponsorship during the conference planning stage can be a tricky thing. One one hand, you need to add value to your sponsor’s brand. On the other, you should also think about the best way a sponsor can add value to your event. It’s also a matter of considering whether this sponsor is something your audience will be interested in. After you’ve done this delicate balancing act, it’s time to connect with the sponsors and make the pitch. And of course, let your potential sponsors know why you’re the best option for them versus your competitors and other alternatives.


engaging conference speakers

Our Best Tips to Finding Engaging Conference Speakers

Conference talks don’t have to lead by boring talking heads. The ideal speaker can be both entertaining and interactive, on top of being informative and instructional. Find someone that appeals to your audience, whose skills and stories will resonate with them. The ideal speaker should also have a bit of flexibility with an ability to adjust their presentation as the event goes along. Furthermore, a good speaker must have something that adds value to your event. They must be relevant and engaging, making their talk an indispensable part of the event experience.


conference breakout sessions

Everything You Need to Know for Killer Conference Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are important, but done the wrong way they can detract from the experience instead of fostering engagement. Like anything else, a good breakout session should add value to your event. They should be time-bound and incentivized so it generates buzz instead of feeling like a chore. The breakout speakers also play a pivotal role here, along with the choice of tech they use. Before each session, ensure the attendees are informed of the session’s details. Learn more about these tips, tech tools to help engagement, and activity ideas for exemplary breakout sessions via the link up top.

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conference accommodations

41 Best Hotel Amenities for Conference Attendees

When thinking of attendee lodgings, choosing the perfect set of amenities often isn’t the priority. However, it’s time to put it near the top of your list since it can make or break the feel of your event. This post lists a total of 41 amenities that really adds to your attendee’s overall conference experience. Offer simple delights like soft beddings and free breakfast or lavish them with welcoming gifts and spa services. By putting yourself in the shoes of your attendees during conference planning, you’d find what’s the best balance between these amenities and your allotted budget.


conference event apps

Stay Connected: A Complete Guide to Conference Event Apps

Every big event these days seems to have an app. But why should you offer an app in the first place? A dedicated conference app helps personalize your attendees’ event experience, while also allowing you to gather data through tracking and instant feedback. Sponsors also benefit from your event app since it allows them to connect better to your audience. And of course, event apps can also interface with other apps for pre-event preparations and post-event content-sharing. Tap on the link above to learn the best way to create your own conference app.


convention center

Conference Networking: How to Help Attendees Make Meaningful Connections

Many attendees go to events not just to learn the latest industry trends, but also to connect with like-minded peers. So make sure you provide a way for your attendees to connect during your conference. Technology is your friend here. There are several ‘matching’ apps you can use to pair attendees that have similar backgrounds. Smart badges are fast becoming popular, giving people a way to connect serendipitously amongst themselves. You can also give your audience free rein and network on their own, offering a list of targeted connections they can approach whenever they want. Make the conference experience fruitful and enjoyable for them by allowing them to make meaningful connections.

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