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The Importance of a Follow Up Meeting After Events

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One of the biggest mistakes occurring is not having a follow up meeting after events. You should always follow up and have a wrap up meeting after events. The best time to hold a follow up meeting is the week after your event. The sooner you hold your follow up the fresher the event will be in people’s mind allowing for relevant critique and suggestions for improvement. The following are the main reasons we believe it is important to have a post-event follow up meeting:

Why You Need A Follow Up Meeting After Events

1. Collecting feedback from the attendees will help you see what worked and what did not work at your event. Without knowing this information from your attendees you may never realize what needs to be improved upon at your event. You could be wasting money on areas of the event that attendees did not care about or are losing clients for not having what they actually wanted.

2. Look at your budgets, take notice to any last-minute expenses you did not foresee. Make sure to list everything from additional fencing, to last-minute permits. Be sure to note those for next year so you can be prepared to allocate a portion of your budget for them!

3. By holding an event wrap-up meeting, your team can evaluate where to go for next year and how they can improve the event. This will help kick-start and target the planning process early so everyone will be well prepared for next year.

Event Follow-up

Here at Endless Entertainment we make sure to follow up with all of our clients after their events to find out how they felt about their event. We talk about what they liked, what they didn’t like and what they feel might need improvement for next year. We do this so we can keep happy customers and constantly improve the quality of our events.

Do you have follow up meeting after events at your company? Let us know what you do at yours by commenting below!

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