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Social media for events has to be one of the hottest topics of the last few years! When people are at events, they are constantly on social media sharing their experiences so I wanted to bring together the biggest names in digital marketing and social media to talk about the rights and wrongs of social media for events.

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This week’s guests are Jason Allan Scott, host of The Guestlist Podcast, Author of The Eventrepreneur Series, and founder of VenueMe & NonInvasives, which is all about cyrotechnology, Miguel Neves (NEVS): Senior Online Community Manager of IMEX (15,000 in attendance Frankfurt and 12,000 in attendance in Vegas) and Jay Feitlinger. Chief Executive Officer of StringCan Interactive, Digital Marketing Strategist, Inbound Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Business Consultant. Jason and Miguel and I all met at IMEX last year at the Event Technology of the Year awards. Jason is the master of social media and Miguel manages all online activities for IMEX. Jay and I go WAY back. We are both actively involved in the Entrepreneur’s Organization (a global non-profit for leading entrepreneurs). When I joined, Jay recognized me, and said, “You’re the guy with the amazing Facebook page”. Turns out, he gave a presentation and used me as an example a few weeks prior. Jay runs the best digital marketing strategy company I know and is one of the most brilliant minds in digital marketing.

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