When you have an event, we know you want everything to go perfectly. However, events have a lot of variables and with Murphy’s law, you can bet something will go wrong. This isn’t to say your event is going to fall to pieces and you should just avoid having an event all together. If you plan well enough you may not even have anything go wrong! However, the odds are there will be a few bumps along the way no matter how prepared you are. It could be something as small as the flowers arriving a bit late, or maybe a minor mix up with what the caterers are serving. It could be something worse like equipment or power failure. Whatever happens, try not to worry. While it is extremely difficult not to worry it is absolutely essential to handling event issues. At Endless Entertainment we have been in the events industry for years and are constantly producing events. Because of this, we know exactly what to do if and when something does go wrong at your event. Below are our tips on what to do if anything at your event goes wrong:

1. Stay Calm

You need to keep calm when things start going wrong. This is absolutely essential. The moment your client or guests see any panic on your face they will begin to worry as well. Not only that but the more worried you get the less clearly you will see. The solution to your problem may be simple but if you are in a state of panic, you will not be able think clearly enough to find the solution. No matter what keep a positive attitude and stay calm! It will keep your clients and guests calm seeing you stay calm, and also help you keep your mind in a level place to critically think about solutions.

2. Stay in Control

When you are in charge of the event and everything goes wrong all eyes are on you. You need to stay in control and take charge of the situation. The faster you fix the problem the quicker you can get on with your event. When a problem is brought to your attention attack the problem and take charge. You need to focus on finding a solution and fix everything as quickly as possible. Do not let anyone else take control, you are responsible for resolving the issue.

3. Bring Backup

This is a MUST for ALL event vendors. If you are an event professional whether you are a DJ, Audio Technician, Lighting Engineer, Photographer, Florist and beyond you MUST bring backup equipment to your events. For example at Endless Entertainment when we do event production we always make sure to bring additional elements as back up incase anything would go wrong with our main equipment. This way if anything does go wrong we have backup on site to fix anything that could potentially malfunction so the event production will still go off without a hitch. If you have backup many times a problem or malfunction will be completely unnoticeable to your guests or client because you can fix the problem immediately and seamlessly.

4. Have a Knowledgeable Staff

You must have trained knowledgeable staff. If for any reason something goes wrong your staff must know what to do. Not only does staff need to know how to fix anything that goes wrong with equipment, but they must be trained in how to handle an event crisis from a customer service standpoint. Our event production staff is trained in both our equipment servicing and customer relations so they are prepared to handle any issue that could occur at an event.

After reading these tips you have probably noticed the underlying message is to always be prepared. Always be aware of variables that could go wrong and prepare a solution on how you would address the situation at hand. It is always best to be over prepared and ready for anything, then unprepared and unable to save an event!

Let us know how you handle problems at events below by leaving a comment! Are you planning an event? Contact us now to get started planning!

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