How much does your event cost?

We believe every event is unique so we will build a custom quote for your unique event.

Basic Live Stream

$ 25,000

Some features include:

Single Day
Up To 500 Viewers
2 HD Cameras
Video Studio
Up To 8 Remote Presenters
Q&A & Polling
Branded Landing Page
Broadcast Branded Graphics
DVR & Pre-Recorded Playback
Advertisement Support
Live stream Engineer & Client Support

Standard Virtual Event

$ 100,000

Everything in the Basic Live Stream plus:

Full-Service Virtual Event Engineers & Client Support
Attendee Registration
Exhibitor & Sponsor Activations
General Session Production
Production For Multiple Breakout Rooms & Small Group Meetings
Extensive Reporting and Breakdown Of Attendee Analytics
Hands-On Tech Support For Attendees, Sponsors & Talent

Advanced Virtual Event

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Everything in the Standard Virtual Event plus:

1-On-1 Networking
Additional Viewers (Unlimited)
Speaker Management
On-Demand Video Library
Virtual Event Cybersecurity
Content Creation (Video & Graphics)
Virtual Event Producer
Additional Cameras, Microphones, Etc.
Translation & Captions
Welcome Kits (T-Shirts, Notebooks, Etc.)
Merchandise Store

Basic Hybrid Event

$ 50,000

Some features include:

Single Day
500 Virtual & In-Person Attendees
Television Broadcast Quality
Audience Engagement (Q&A & Polling)
Broadcast Branded Graphics
DVR & Pre-Recorded Playback
Live Stream, Engineer, & Client Support
Stage Lighting
Crystal Clear Audio

Standard Hybrid Event

$ 125,000

Everything in the Basic Hybrid Event plus:

1000 Attendees
Full Attendee Registration
Exhibitor & Sponsor Activations
Reporting and Breakdown Of Attendee Analytics
Tech Support For Attendees, & Talent
On-Site Producer
Scenic Design
Management Of Pre-production Schedules

Advanced Hybrid Event


Everything in the Standard Hybrid Event plus:

Unlimited Attendees
1-On-1 Networking
Speaker Management
Single Sign-On Login
On-Demand Video Library
Virtual Cybersecurity
Content Creation (Video & Graphics)
Translation & Captions
Event Internet

Basic In-Person Event


Some features include:

Production For A Single Day Event
Up To 200 Attendees
Video Projection With Up To Two Cameras
State Of The Art Stage Lighting
World Class Customer Service
Crystal Clear Audio
Audience Engagement Systems (Polling, Q&A, etc)

Standard In-Person Event


Everything in the Basic Package plus:

3 Days
Up To 500 Viewers
5 Breakout Rooms & Small Group Meetings
On-Site Producer
Scenic Design
Pre-production Schedules & Show Flows
Speaker Management
Video Content Recording

Advanced In-Person Event


Everything in the Standard Package plus:

Production For 3 Days
Unlimited Viewers
20 Breakout Rooms/Small Group Meetings
Attendee Registration & App Management
Full Attendee Analytics
Content Creation (Video & Graphics)
Welcome Kits (T-Shirts, Notebooks, Etc.)
Event Internet

Not sure your budget for the event production for your next event?

The biggest companies use Endless to provide their event production & event technology.

How does the quoting process work?

We will have an initial consultation where you can tell us all our your event dreams, plans and concerns. From that consultation our Einsteins will work out a quote for you, we will then walk you through the quote and design line by line ensuring you understand everything. After that we will make any revisions necessary and you will be on your way to a smooth event!

When can you get me a quote?

Perfection takes time! Please allow 7 days after your initial consultation to receive your quote. Sometimes we can put together quotes faster but if your event is complex, we want to make sure we get it right. Once you receive your quote we will walk you through all the details line by line to ensure you understand every last item! Consider this quote like the blueprint of your virtual event, we are putting together all of the logistics so the quote is 100% accurate and there will be no surprises.

Do you subcontract your labor?

To ensure a flawless event experience all of our event labor are our W-2 employees. We do this so that you can have a consistent experience with a team that truly embodies our values and culture. Our culture is everything to us here at Endless. This is why we found it crucial to guarantee all our technicians are W-2 employees, rather than contracted workers. This means everyone you work with lives and breathes the culture here at Endless Events and are not sub-contracted.

Can you beat XYZ vendor in price?

Short answer, Yes. The first step in comparing event quotes is to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples. In order to provide a realistic pricing comparison between event technology company A & event technology B, it’s important to know exactly how each company has structured their quote. We will ask for a list of offers from other event technology companies that you’re considering to help with this. This does NOT mean you need to share pricing between companies – just a detailed list of essentials so we know exactly what other companies are offering. This way we can ensure we are comparing apples to apples.