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Get your planners out everybody, because we’re talking crisis communication! As event planners, there are a million things we have to keep in mind. And amongst all of that, there is always the consideration of what might go wrong. Because let’s face it, what are the odds everything will go according to plan? Something will always escape our control, which is exactly why having a plan for crisis communication is so important. It might sound a bit alarming at first, but it will save you a lot of trouble! And especially within the paradigm, we operate in today, being prepared is an absolute must!

If you’re wondering exactly how this can be accomplished, then you’ve come to the right place. Because this week’s #EventIcons will tell you everything you need to know about efficient and foolproof crisis communication! Our amazing host Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey sits down with Alex Plaxen to go over this exciting topic. Alex is the President and founder of Little Bird Told Media, and he’s an active member of MPI and PCMA. Additionally, Alex currently sits on the Potomac Chapter of MPI’s Board of Directors. So, are you ready to learn all about crisis communication? Start taking notes, it’s #EventIcons o’clock!

Take the list of every single potential thing that could go wrong and put it into a risk assessment matrix - what's the probability that this could happen? Click to Tweet
If you don't have a plan, and a crisis does happen, then it's very difficult to get that trust back. And you won't be able to get those attendees back without spending a lot of money. Click to Tweet
You need to monitor the responses. Are people happy with that response or do they have more questions? Are they concerned? Do you hear a lot of the same questions? Click to Tweet

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An accomplished speaker (though she prefers to be backstage with a headset), #EventIcons host, event prof, and marketer with work featured in the New York Times, Lindsay and team have worked with brands including Ford Motor Company, American Bar Association, Harvard Business School, and many more.

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