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Oh, creativity! This beautiful ability translates our ideas and imagination into reality. The events industry is seeping with it. After all, couldn’t events be considered a work of art? Just like any other artistic expression, event planning is a process, defined by diligence, open-mindedness, patience, resourcefulness, collaboration, and of course, imagination and innovation. However, event planners have a lot on their plates: from creating event timelines to getting budget approvals. And nothing kills creativity faster than stress and fear. And so, many leave creative elements to chance. Others, however, lean on creative services companies to help them create an unforgettable event.

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Because that’s what creative services are all about: making events unforgettable and innovative. Without creativity, all events would look the same – and they’d be no fun. Creativity boosts audience engagement, improves ROI, and makes your business the talk of the town. The keyword here is design: stage design, UX/UI design, presentation design, and much more. This is the secret sauce that transforms events from mere occurrences to immersive experiences. So, let’s explore why event planners should use creative services!

Creative Services Start With Brainstorming

When we think of creative solutions in events, our minds tend to go to AR and VR, which are among the biggest trends in the world of creative. So, before we get started, let’s get one thing straight. Creative services are not just for event planners with large event budgets. They aren’t reserved only for luxurious, high-end events. In fact, the Event Brew podcast host, Nick Borelli, thinks that infinite resources have nothing to do with creativity.

“Having infinite resources is not creative. That’s just doing what’s available. It’s about your ability to do something that is outside of the constraints of what is normal to do or what is the typical way to do something. This requires you to have the discipline of asking questions, such as: ‘Why do you do it this way? Why is this always done this way? Why hasn’t anyone else done that?’ And really letting go of your biases.”

After you’ve identified the goals and objectives of your event, it’s time to get brainstorming. And this is where creativity steps in. You see, creative services are not a cherry on top; together with event production, they’re the foundation on which magnificent events are built.

creative services3D Graphic Design To The Rescue!

Event planners have a vision for their event. And then, with the help of their partners, they turn that vision into reality. While some of them have the superpower of visualizing and understanding how their abstract ideas will translate into the physical realm, most don’t have that luxury. We’re talking about floorplans, event layout, furnishings, and seating charts, for example.

If only there was some sort of magic that could turn event planners’ brainstorms from thoughts into reality … Oh wait, there is! It’s called 3D graphic design and it helps planners grasp the design intent of their event. 3D design software helps planners understand how their attendees move around the event space and where are the impact points of the event. And then, planners can make adjustments as needed. Perhaps they want to change something in their scenic design or maybe they just need to tweak the lighting set a little bit.

When Creative Services Meet Event Production

Speaking of lighting, let’s talk about how event production companies join this creative event planning equation. Aren’t event layout and event AV inextricably linked? Which one should event planner consult first: their AV company or their event creative company?

Think of creative service companies like thought leadership specialists. They consult event profs on the creative strategy to design cohesive events across the board: the presentations, the branding, the walls, brochures, digital materials, the stage, … When put together, these elements create one experience.

Once the AV budget is approved, the production company executes that thought leadership. They take care of lighting, sound, video, and special effects. They set up the stage, run those beautiful presentations, give cues, and edit the event video, among other things. That isn’t to say they’re just busy bees who do as they’re told. Production experts are the ones with vast experience and the know-how of implementing said creative services.

And so, event planners should understand that event production and event creative services aren’t two separate concerns. They collaborate and build on each other. Both should be trusted partners of the event planner – somebody they can form long-lasting relationships with. Here’s an idea: find yourself a partner who can do both! That way, you don’t have to juggle between the two, which saves you a lot of time – not to mention the nerves!

creative servicesCreative Production Event Company: 2 In 1!

The event design should never be left to chance as it sets the feel of the entire experience. Attendees might forget about the content as time goes by, but they’ll never forget the design. If only we could always let our imaginations fly rampant during the event planning process! In reality, event planners often feel restricted by tight event budgets and a lack of time, and when that happens, designing an event on top of it all feels overwhelming.

Here at Endless Events, we know that events are a sum of many moving parts. And we strive to always create the perfect, unique equation for our clients. That means taking care of production, COVID-19 compliance, registration, and yes, you guessed it, creative services. So if you have any questions about your upcoming projects,  feel free to talk to us – the Einstein team is here to help.


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Anja, Senior Content Writer at Endless Events, aspires to educate and inspire event planners with the power of the written word.

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