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You can’t have a top-notch event if you don’t have top-notch event staff. I think we can all agree to that. While you can do everything in your power to equip them for their work, the main driver of their performance is their motivation. Are you making sure to motivate your event staff to do their best?

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Is your staff happy at work? There are many ways to give your staff a boost like rewarding them with incentive travel. You can also show you value their growth by sending them to industry events. Or maybe they would love to take on extra responsibilities in the event control room. Read on to learn more about these tips below.

On top of engaging your employees, you also need to engage your audience. Here’s our free audience engagement webinar to help you enhance your attendees experience. Go check it out!

Here’s How to Get Your Dream Client

All meeting planners have that dream client. Maybe it’s a person you genuinely admire, or a company whose efforts you think would benefit from your talents… or maybe a brand that just seems really fun. But what if you can land these clients? You can, though you have to identify which ones would be the perfect fit. First, you need to make sure you’re ready for primetime by reviewing your worst planning gigs and learning from them. You also need to match your behavioral style with that of the client, along with getting a handle on the actual scope of work. Check out this guide for more key considerations on nailing that dream planning job.

CEIR Gives Expert Advice on Growing Attendance

The final report on growth attendance has been released by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), and it contains some interesting insights on the industry’s drive to improve its audiences. It contains nine key areas brands need to capitalize upon, along with specific activities that address these areas. There are also case studies on how these activities worked in real-life scenarios, along with important statistics that give further insight on the state of the industry as a whole.


Running Your Business on a Loop

In the events industry, it’s not just important to score clients. It’s arguably more important to keep them coming back. This would only happen if you establish a good working relationship with them, and in turn this is only possible if you have people dedicated to the task. The technical approach also applies, and you need to set measurable goals for retention. Data and analysis of the event itself is also a major factor. But your team needs to go beyond the numbers and follow up with the clients to see how things are from their perspective. You need to be agile in responding to client comments and further needs, building your business from there.

In the events industry, it’s not just important to score clients. It’s arguably more important to keep them coming back. Click To Tweet

Behind the Scenes at the Event Control Room

We’ve talked a whole lot about preparing and managing the event. But where do does the management part fit in? All these activities happen in the invisible event control room, seen and accessed only by high-ranking event staff behind the scenes. The room controls everything, from security to health, to data gathering and communications. It’s a place where information reigns supreme. This guide serves as a blueprint for what your control room needs to be, depending on your event’s needs.


Why Send Your Event Staff to Industry Events?

Industry events offer a lot of room for growth and development, so why aren’t event staff sent to them on a regular basis? Most reason that they are expensive and require the participant to leave their revenue-generating tasks behind. However, industry events can give unparalleled opportunities, from letting them connect with other professionals to giving them a venue to learn new skills and improve existing ones. They can also provide the brand some content creation opportunities, essentially acting as your ambassador. And of course, it gives your staff an avenue for motivation and inspiration, coming back to your office even more energized for their daily tasks.

How to Nail Incentive Travel

Incentive travel, sometimes dubbed “motivational travel”, is a good way to reward and show appreciation for loyal event staff. However, they’re not just simple excursions for unwinding. They are also perfect learning and development opportunities, especially when they tackle the goals of the travelers. These trips can also be great experiences, leading to bonding opportunities that can strengthen your team’s cohesion. To make the most out of incentive travel, you need to be as fun and authentic as can be without compromising the educational opportunities of the trip.

Dell’s Guide on Creating Engaging Broadcasts

Today’s event broadcasts are not just made for a one-way conveyance of information. They need to engage audiences in two-way communication. There are few better brands to teach us the basics of this concept than Dell, whose own engagement has grown more than 100% year on year. Their secret lies in choosing the right platforms, defined as those where their audiences are. They have organized teams with well-defined tasks overseeing each aspect of the broadcast, and they also have a story to tell with their content. Lastly, they aren’t afraid to experiment with various aspects to understand their audience’s engagement “sweet spot”.

Incentive travel, sometimes dubbed 'motivational travel', is a good way to reward and show appreciation for loyal employees. Click To Tweet

Drive Engagement through Social Walls

Social media is the absolute melting pot of our times.

Harnessing it is a must for any event that wishes to drive engagement. While each event attendee engages in social media in his own way, social media walls give these platforms a substantial presence in your event. This motivates engagement, allowing audiences to express themselves and publish their own content. These walls also allow the serving of a myriad of multimedia content. You can even use these walls to allow your speakers to keep in touch with their audiences before and after their talks.

You Know You’re Wasting Budget When…

There are too many ways to waste your event budget, mostly by putting your money in all the wrong things. But often, lack of preparation and groundwork wastes your funds more than anything else. The trick to maximizing your budget is to always go back to the basics, establishing clear and measurable goals and determining your priorities. There are also a myriad of important things you should take on before, during and after the event. To learn more about these and plug any potential money leaks, check out this detailed checklist.

Branding: the Modern Way

In any event, the need to brand is always an overarching concern. The more you can sell your brand, the better. Sometimes this calls for some flashy and high-tech gimmicks that when combined with a great experience can imprint your brand indelibly in your audience’s minds. Some cool ideas include projecting your brand onto a smokescreen, or by having your brand ambassadors wear “programmable” e-ink clothing. You can also use 3D glasses and signage, as well as a host of other techniques to drive your brand home to the audience.



Your event staff is the lifeblood of your business. How do you keep your employees happy in your company? What are you doing to movtivate your event staff?

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