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This week’s Event Brew will take you on a journey through the GBAC STAR Accreditation. So, are you confused yet? It does sound like a mouthful, but in the COVID-19 era, this will be new code venues swear by. A couple of weeks ago, Bizbash published an article tackling the topic. And because this podcast is all about bringing you the latest news in the industry, we had to break this down for you. So, in its essence, the GBAC STAR Accreditation represents a series of cleaning, disinfecting, and disease prevention standards with the aim of promoting the health and safety of attendees.

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And considering the events that have taken place, and continue to exist, it’s no wonder such an accreditation came to be. Because now more than ever, safety is paramount in the events industry. And venues that wish to stay afloat must put extra effort into assuring this safety. At its core, it’s about trust and credibility. But what exactly does the GBAC STAR Accreditation entail? Will it represent a step forward towards the “new normal”? And what does it mean for the industry as a whole? Well, if you’re curious, then smash that play button and join the Brew Crew – Thuy, Nick, and Will – on another amazing episode!

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Make sure you join us again next week for another episode. In case you’re interested in extra virtual event content, click here to learn more while you wait for another episode incredible of Event Brew!

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