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Do you accept registrations online? Then, you might fall into this new event sales tax ruling recently handed down by the Supreme Court. It’s thankfully not yet in full effect and not all states are affected. But for now, it’s best to consult both a tax expert and your ticketing provider on how to approach this issue.

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Turn up Your Entertainment with These Ideas

Corporate events can sometimes be a little stiff. But with some great entertainment, you could turn them into something awesome instead. The best approach to entertainment is also the same approach used in your content: make it as immersive as possible. This list compiles just a few proven ideas to spice up your events. From escape rooms to visual art, learn how various activities can both entertain and highlight the message of your brand.


Airbnb Revamps the Corporate Space

Airbnb has become the go-to site for tourists and vacation goers across the world. But did you know it’s also used for lodging by business travelers? A few years back, Airbnb entered the corporate space, allowing companies to better track and house their employees. Airbnb also partnered with WeWork to create a more efficient workflow wherein customers can easily access to the latter’s workspaces as well. Now, Airbnb seeks to up the ante by adding its own Airbnb Experience products into the booking process. These new spaces will give customers the option to book meeting spaces in some of Airbnb’s more unique properties. Aside from adding options, this move also allows the company to facilitate creative experiences offsite.

Events and the New US Sales Tax

After the hubbub brought about by GDPR, the events community is abuzz again with the new US Tax Rulings. In a nutshell, this states that a physical presence in your operating area is no longer required for you to remit event sales tax. This ruling affects events, as the mere act of selling tickets online would make one an “online retailer”. While this law does not affect all states as of date, it’s still important to understand just how this would impact everybody. This article presents a lowdown of these new rulings.

The best approach to entertainment is also the same approach used in your content: make it as immersive as possible. Click To Tweet


Keep Your Sanity When Planning for Associations

Managing an association event is partly like planning for the worst. Contingencies should be in place, and a clear plan should be laid out. Creativity is something that’s also very important when it comes to stretching the budget and making sure deadlines are met. Of course, giving yourself some leeway for “surprises” is a good practice, as well. Plan the event well and you’ll gain the respect of everyone in the organization.


eBay Open 2018 Has Some Great B2B Strategies

eBay is not just a pioneer in the field of online selling, it also helped blaze the trail for a new breed of seller events. This year’s iteration of the eBay Open highlighted some new tactics for networking in the B2B sphere. Events are no longer just venues for networking. They can also be venues for other events that will intensify the networking experience. Content is still king, and customization makes it even more powerful. Of course, technology plays a major role and using it to laser-focus your content opens up a new world of opportunities.


Getting Early Birds to Flock to Your Event

Early birds are getting the VIP treatment. This is highlighted in the recent announcement by the American Society of Association Executives that all early-bird registrants in its October event would pay nothing beforehand. They will pay only after the event has concluded, and it would be a pay-what-you-want process. This unprecedented move represents a new trend in the treatment of early birds, which is explored in this guide. It is a gamble, but it’s also a huge case of going premium.


Event Budgeting, the Modern Way

Budgeting is a task fraught with tradition. Part of that tradition is to start budgeting certain segments of the event and leaving the rest for a later discussion. This might lead to less flexibility in the latter part of the planning, however. Why not create a checklist that details everything in one place? This way, you have a full-fledged budgeting guide from the get-go. This guide helps you do just that, with all the basics plus an allowance for surprises and oft-overlooked aspects like shipping and travel.

The key to standing out is proving that your event can deliver a good return for your exhibitor's investment of time and money. Click To Tweet


Meeting the Demand for Exhibitor ROI

Even if you build it, people may not come. That is the highly competitive nature of today’s trade show landscape. The key to standing out is proving that your event can deliver a good return for your exhibitor’s investment of time and money. Many factors play a role here, from technology to the natural charm of your trade show staff. On the backend, being able to accurately measure and interpret your data is critical as well.


Need Help Organizing Your Time? These 6 Tips Are for You

Time management is like a talent, and sometimes people are just naturally bad at it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as there are those who thrive in procrastinating. If this is you, you need to take care of how your workspace is set up so that you can work the way you want. Aside from understanding your workflow, you should also understand how the things around you help or impede your productivity. The better you can organize your physical space, the better your time management will be.


Steal the Headlines with Headliner

Those who can’t jump into social video are often those who either have no budget or know-how in video editing. But given videos now dominate event marketing, it’s a must if you want to stay in the game. Enter Headliner, a free video editing tool that lets you create social media-ready clips for your marketing. Headliner also includes lots of useful features such as transcription and an audio-to-video feature. You can also create a pre-filled video from your stream, which is perfect for those who need to get something out in short notice.



Getting your event’s finances in order is important, and not just to keep the taxman happy. What tips do you have for new event professionals when it comes to budgeting, pricing and taxation?

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