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When you are planning your event it is extremely important to allow plenty of time. A great way to stay on task and focusing is to create an event planning timeline. One of the easiest ways to let your event planning snowball out of control is to not stay on top of to-do lists and organization. If you have an event planning timeline you will be able to stay on track and organized to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Below we have created a suggested event planning timeline, but you will need to evaluate the timeline and customize it to fit your own event as every event is different.

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Event Planning Timeline

  • 9 months out – decide on an event theme and create your event budget, for more tips on how to create an event budget visit our post on how to create your event budget.
  • 8 month out –  reserve your venue and create guest list
  • 7 month out – hire a planner if desired
  • 6 month out –  create event website, Facebook page, and begin promoting
  • 5 month out – begin searching for entertainment and event production, reserve a block of hotels or secure a special hotel rate for guests if needed.
  • 4 month out – hire your event production team and entertainment services
  • 3 month out – book your catering and florist
  • 2 month out – touch base again with all the vendors. This is the time to make sure all your questions are answered. No matter how big or small.
  • 1 month out – create a day-of-event timeline, finalize production needs, flowers, and catering menus and details with any other vendors.


If you follow this event planning timeline, or create your own based on it you will be on your way to a smooth planning process. Stay on track and keep your timeline close by. If you follow this tip, your event planning process will be stress free and much more enjoyable!

If you are planning an event contact us now and let Endless Entertainment take care of you!

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