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Event swag is always something attendees look forward to, who doesn’t love a free giveaway? However, when choosing your event swag you need to put in some thought. Don’t let your attendees down and waste your money by giving them something like a key chain or a pen they will never use again! When deciding what your event swag will be think about your audience and what would be useful to them. The idea of swag is for it to be used and become a reminder of your brand or event. It would be wise to put thought into this you do not waste your money on something attendees will likely pitch the first chance they get. Below are a few great swag options that are likely to be appreciated by any recipient.

Event Water Bottles

Notebooks – Most people still love notebooks, it is proven that writing down notes or thoughts helps you remember them better. Why not get custom notebooks for your conference or symposium? Your attendees will love taking notes from the speakers in their brand new notebooks. Giving them a notebook will allow attendees to have a designated place for writing down notes and thoughts at your conference. Chances are they will be referencing their notebook well after the event and each time they do they will be reminded of your event!

Reusable Water Bottles –  Everyone loves reusable water bottles, they are convenient and green. Not only can you get custom branded bottles for your event with your logo, but you can also cut down on plastic bottles being used at your event making the event a whole lot greener. Reusable water bottles add convenience to attendees event experience. Attendees can save money by not having to keep buying water bottles and instead of carrying around a cup that has to potential to spill they will resealable bottle they can just toss in their bag and go. If you really want to make a great impression a major value add would be if you provided refilling stations for your guests to continue to refill their bottles for free at your event.

One of the most compelling reasons to use reusable water bottles as your event swag is that attendees will reuse the bottles long after the event. This means they will be bringing your branded bottle with them everywhere. This is a great added promotional bonus for your event and brand. If you are looking for a spin on the reusable water bottle a travel coffee mug is another fan favorite your guests will love.

Conference Welcome Bags – Welcome bags are especially great for multi-day events. You can pass them out when attendees arrive and check in. It is best to put your care package into a reusable bag they can carry throughout the conference. Stock the bag full of goodies to help attendees get through your event such as; Advil, breath mints, vitamin c packs, maps of the conference area, schedules of speakers, snacks and more. Guests are sure to appreciate a thoughtful package that helps them make it through the conference with ease!

image02 Event Swag

Packed Flash Drives – Stop giving away empty flash drives. Instead, pack the flash drive full of something beneficial to your attendees. The possibilities are endless, you could put a media kit about your company on the flash drives, an e-book relevant to the event, or for something truly unique pack the flash drive full of the slide shows from conference speakers so guests can easily reference them at a later point.

What is the best swag you have gotten at an event? Comment below and let us know.

Photo Credit: Welcome bags from Engaged 2013

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