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The impact of the coronavirus on the events industry has been brutal. A pandemic that few saw coming completely turned things upside down for planners and profs in an instant. And while everyone still tries to adjust to the new normal, they can’t help but contemplate how easily things can fall apart. If such a small, invisible organism can have this kind of impact, how vulnerable is our industry, really? What are other factors that can completely disrupt the world of events?

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This is exactly what the Brew Crew wondered. On today’s episode of Event Brew, Thuy Diep, Dustin Westling, Nick Borelli, and Will Curran get together to discuss this topic in depth. What are, indeed, other things that can disrupt the industry we so love? And are they likely to happen? If so, are we prepared to deal with it as a unit and stay afloat? All of these questions will be discussed. So grab your favorite drink and let’s get brewing!


Nick Borelli

Author Nick Borelli

With 20+ years in the industry, Nick Borelli is passionate about helping event brands communicate stories that result in achieving strategic goals.

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