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It’s finally here – the only virtual event guide you’ll ever need! But why? Well, in early 2020, the world as we knew it took an unexpected turn. With a pandemic sweeping the globe, and leaders urging citizens to stay home in an effort to contain it, the events industry was turned on its head. How could a sector that thrived in bringing people together and establishing powerful relationships survive a cataclysm like this?

Virtual Events Handbook

But event professionals are known for their flexibility, perseverance, and impressive ability to pivot. These extraordinary traits, paired with the fact that we’re living in the golden age of technology, made it possible for the industry to not only survive but also bloom. With the advent of virtual events, planners became game-changers. The ins and outs of virtual events, however, might still feel foreign to many. This virtual event guide will be your best friend as you explore the exciting world of virtual events. The Endless team has put together all of our collective knowledge about strategy, engagement, and technology in order to equip you with the tools you need to plan a successful virtual event your attendees will never forget. Download your free copy today!


What’s Included In This Virtual Event Guide?

After months of pushing out educational content about virtual events, our team took it a step further. With the mass pivoting the industry witnessed, resources about planning remote experiences were everywhere. And with so much good stuff out there, things can get hazy and you end up feeling more overwhelmed than you were before starting.

This is exactly why we compiled the most important aspects to consider in a single guide. Over the course of these 70 pages, you’ll be able to find information pertaining to engagement, sponsorships, entertainment, budgeting, and more. Armed with this virtual event guide, you won’t feel the need to search for anything related to the topic in the near future. Here’s what you get after downloading your very own copy of the Virtual Event Handbook:

virtual event guide

Chapter 1: Back To The Basics (& Why It Matters)

In the first chapter, we’ll begin by tackling the backbone of virtual events (and of every event) – storytelling. It’s paramount that before you dive into the planning stage, you consider the basics. Because after producing so many virtual events, our team reached the conclusion that planners tend to forget why they’re passionate about the industry in the first place.

Throughout Chapter 1, we’ll take you on a journey through the magic of storytelling. We’ll explore why virtual event planning demands us to go deeper than ever before, and how creativity will be the number one ally in the process.

Chapter 2: Budget & Pricing Strategy

The second chapter will be all about the numbers. If you haven’t delved into the world of virtual events before, putting together the budget might seem like an alien task. And on the same note, deciding how to price a remote experience has the potential to overwhelm even the most experienced of professionals.

Chapter 2 will walk you step by step through the process of budgeting for your virtual event – what do you have to consider? Should you do any sort of research? What sneaky yet incredibly helpful tips do we have for you? And once you’re done with that, you’ll move on to the pricing strategy. Not only will we lay out all the ways you can come up with a price, but we’ll also throw some ideas for extra revenue in there. A must-read, for sure!

virtual event guide

Chapter 3: Engagement From Start To Finish

Keeping a virtual audience engaged tends to be the main source of concern when planning a virtual event. And that’s exactly why we dedicated an entire section to the topic! Firstly, Chapter 3 will guide you through all the aspects that must be considered regarding virtual speakers. How can they better engage with the audience? And what can you, as a planner, do to hold their hand through the process?

From there, you’ll move onto unique and exciting entertainment ideas that keep the audience engaged. And to wrap it all up, by the end of the third chapter, you’ll find a fool-proof strategy to hook your attendees pre, during and post-event!

Chapter 4: The Art of Virtual Sponsorships

A virtual event guide wouldn’t be complete without a section about sponsorships. Learning how to navigate these partnerships within the virtual scope can be somewhat complicated and even scary. Well, not anymore!

Chapter 4 represents a comprehensive guide for designing packages, selling your virtual event, finding the right partners to have by your side throughout the process, and, to top it all off, a ton of exceptional sponsorship ideas you can implement into your virtual event. This one you simply can’t miss!

virtual event guide

Chapter 5: Let’s Talk Tech (& Why You Need Support)

The fifth and final chapter of your virtual event guide is a doozy. We’ve been preaching for a while the importance of hiring a production team to helm your virtual event. Well, in this section of the handbook, we’ll outline exactly why you need this team by your side, what they can do for you, and how the success of your virtual event might very well depend on it.

Additionally, we’ll walk you through what this team looks like, and the questions you want to have ready before meeting with them. So, in summary, pretty much all the knowledge you need to have on the tech front!


It’s with the utmost joy that the Endless team brings you this labor of love. Now more than ever, it’s important that we stick together and help each other in any way we can. Putting together this virtual event guide was exciting, hectic, and exhilarating. But now that it’s finally here, we hope you love reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Download your copy today and jump headfirst into the exciting process of planning a virtual event!

Virtual Events Handbook

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