Diversity at events is a crucial part of any successful event. There is more pressure than ever on event organizes to make their events diverse and inclusive. While it may feel overwhelming to do so, we can assure you diversity at events is a great thing. By taking the steps to make a diverse and inclusive environment your event will flourish. Furthermore, when there is diversity and inclusion at events the interactions are more authentic and conversations will bring innovation and challenge naturally.

So how do you ensure diversity at events? How can we take what is unique about every individual in attendance and use it as an advantage? What can you do to leverage diversity at events to make your programs and panels better? Our iconic guest, Adrienne Trimble of Toyota Motor North America and, Audrey Gallien of Catalyst Inc., answer these questions and more in our episode today! You can’t miss it!

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Diversity is looking at the different perspectives, aspects, arrays that you want to bring to the table! @Aceytrimble Click To Tweet Diversity is about pulling out the uniqueness of every single individual. @CatalystInc Click To Tweet When you have diversity of thought and engagement, interaction it brings innovation naturally. Click To Tweet


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