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Remote work is the new normal. And not just for the events industry, but for many people around the world. The current state of things surrounding the global pandemic forced companies to take quick action. In many ways, remote work can be a blessing. It affords more freedom, a better balance between personal and professional life, and overall more productivity. And due to the number of tools and technology available to us, it becomes seamless to implement. It’s not a new paradigm by new means; for years, many companies have chosen to go remote in order to promote inclusivity and better work culture.

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However, for many, it requires some adjustments. For those used to work in an office environment, remote work can actually seem scary. And when it comes to the events industry, things get slightly more complex. But since there’s no other choice right now, the Brew Crew decided to sit down and discuss the topic. Our incredible hosts Nick Borelli, Thuy Diep, and Dustin Westling got together to decide whether remote work is hurting or helping the industry.

From their varying perspectives, what does this new paradigm mean to event profs? Are they more productive? Or are there simply too many distractions to make it work? What tips can they give us to make it be a saving grace and a step forward instead of something dreadful? If you want to figure out, stick around. Grab your favorite drink and press play – we’re about to brew something up!

Nick Borelli

Author Nick Borelli

With 20+ years in the industry, Nick Borelli is passionate about helping event brands communicate stories that result in achieving strategic goals.

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