Phi Theta Kappa

The Phi Theta Kappa annual fall leadership conference usually takes place in-person, but needed to switch to a virtual conference in 2020.


The Phi Theta Kappa annual fall leadership conference decided to flip to a virtual conference in 2020 for safety. With a conference that usually relies heavily on face-to-face interaction, the PTK team was rightfully concerned about engagement. With the help of the Endless Einsteins, the PTK implemented a virtual platform that triumphed. The attendees could interact, ask questions, view the 27 educational forums, and tune into the five general sessions. The chat feature was a particular success and innovation for the PTK team.


Their usual in-person national conference could not continue in person due to the lockdowns, which affected many of PTK’s chapters. However, their regional organizations still needed to meet to perform their educational duties and elect future leaders. The challenge was creating an engaging experience compelling enough to pull college students away from streaming platforms and immerse them in Phi Theta Kappa culture.


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Endless worked hand in hand with the PTK to implement an entirely new iteration of their leadership conference. They relied upon Endless to handle all the event technology aspects of their event, including the event platform and seamless live streaming. We delivered high production value in the face of new circumstances.