Life Sciences Trainers
& Educators Network

Every year, Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN) holds an annual conference for learning and development within the medical industry.


Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network (LTEN) holds an annual hybrid event conference for learning and development within the medical industry. Leaders in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device trainers, and educators are honored guests. Endless partnered with LTEN to produce the tech and AV for the conference general sessions. The AV designs reflected the theme of the conference, designed to mimic the beautiful dynamism of Arizona’s canyons and beautiful sunsets. Endless went above our scope of work to bridge the imbalance between LTEN’s six team members and the conference’s 1000+ attendees. This collaborative spirit and additional communication kept all participants on the same page and ensured the conference continued running smoothly. Using innovative tech and open communications across all teams, Endless created an amazing experience for all involved!


  • LTEN faced two significant challenges.
  • They have a tight team of six whose jobs are not just that of event planners.
  • This team faces high expectations from its members, who come from pharmaceutical companies conditioned to large budgets and show-stopping production.
  • LTEN’s budget is that of an association, but they still need to put on inspirational events.
  • Endless Events leveraged creative event design to assist LTEN in accomplishing aspirational goals without the big budget price tag.

Key Results

Despite last-minute changes, Endless delivered on budget and to the audience’s delight. ITEN’s president has a reputation for keeping attendees on their toes, and Endless came prepared for immediate action. The president had the idea to conceal the ultrawide projection screen on the first day, with a surprise reveal on day two with a hologram setup. Endless pivoted easily with this new task, working efficiently by keeping the screen assembled but disguising it with a hastily ordered drape from a supplier. We were able to execute this creative pivot all before the president left the stage for rehearsal. 



It was vital that no detail was missing from the budget while working with LTEN. We performed a detailed production budget audit and discovered potential savings with the reorganization of their budget. Prioritizing elements that made the most significant impact without budgetary waste was paramount. Endless focused on creating scenic design elements that matched their theme while hosting in Arizona and ITEN’s branding.


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