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A great event is very similar to a great theatrical production. There is the grand entrance, the setting, a narrative, the building of the story, emotions, and an ending that makes us think. On top of a storyline,  there is the technical side with set changes, technology to enhance the experience, and a cast that brings it all to life. It makes sense to make your events more theatrical to enhance the attendee experience. So how do you make your events more theatrical? You are in luck! Today’s guests are going to share the best tips and tricks for doing just that. 

In today’s episode of #EventIcons our iconic panel Brittney Lanni of O’Keefe Communications, LLC,  Kevin Molesworth, CSEP of Brass Tacks Event, and Sarah Cissna of The Side Lobby will be discussing how to bring more theatrical experiences to your event to enhance the overall experience. They will share their dream mainstage setups, how to improve breakout sessions, technical elements, and what will make or break your next event. If you want to have engaging and memorable events you have come to the right show! Let’s get to it!

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Below, in our Epic Resources section, we link the awesome insider favorites that were mentioned in this episode.

I definitely think from pre-show to post-show you always need to think where are you building momentum where are you increasing it. @OKeefeComMD Click To Tweet As a director, you can do so much with lighting. So terminologies associated with lighting are very important to me as I gravitate towards lighting. @BrassTacksEvent Click To Tweet I work with a lot of In-House shows, you know it's not about the stage only it's about the whole experience. @sdcissna Click To Tweet

make your events more theatrical

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