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Here at the Event Tech Podcast, we’re always trying to bring you the latest news on all things related to technology. And obviously, technology pertaining to the events industry. While we’ve done reviews in the past, this time around we wanted to go further – hence, the Klik review. And what is Klik, you might wonder? Well, it’s a self-proclaimed software-hardware ecosystem that provides everything you need to manage an event. Innovation and integration are words to live by at Klik, which offers attendees a new way to connect and harnesses the power of data to deliver an amazing experience to everyone involved.

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And Klik has solutions for everything and everyone. Whether it’s a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event, this platform has got you covered. But just in case you are in dire need of an in-depth, honest review, the Event Tech Podcast is here to help! In this week’s episode, we introduce Simon St-Germain and Shana Thomas. Simon is Klik’s representative on the episode, and he works as the Marketing & Communication Director. And Shana, Director of Digital Experiences at Connex, is here as the client who’s actually tried Klik. She’ll offer us a unique look into the platform, why it helped her, and what the highlights were. So if you’re excited about this awesome Klik review, press play and join us on another amazing edition of the Event Tech Podcast!

What we try to do is create technology that has a very human side to it. We don't want people to spend the entire event looking at their phones. Click To Tweet We have a dedicated Project Manager to every client, every project, every person. Click To Tweet We tend to not go back to the basics of what the wearables allow us to do. I think the gamification aspect is insane on the platform. Click To Tweet We like to say Klik is the Google Analytics of events, and that's what we're going for. Click To Tweet


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