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It’s time for another episode of #EventIcons – this time, about how to build brand loyalty for your event! Especially now that everything in the industry is so uncertain, this topic gains importance. Because we assume that you’re either learning about virtual events or figuring out how you can turn your in-person experience into a virtual one. And brand loyalty will matter now more than ever! You want your attendees to absolutely love what you offer them. You want them to come back for more and become evangelists and ambassadors for your brand. But how exactly do you go about it?

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That’s exactly what we’re tackling this week! Our incredible and charismatic host Alex Plaxen welcomes the iconic Johnny Earle. Johnny is the CEO and founder of the groundbreaking brand Johnny Cupcakes, a keynote speaker extraordinaire, and an expert in how to build brand loyalty for your event. And Johnny has a lot of amazing tactical tips that you too can apply to your event. But if you’re wondering exactly how, then it’s time to press play – it’s #EventIcons o’clock!

A lot of times companies hide behind this blank corporate image and it's the childhood photos with the bad haircuts that make someone feel a human connection with you. It's the history, the stories. Click To Tweet You can still offer very serious services, but you have to be human. And sometimes, that's difficult to do. But good design and good humor can go a long way. Click To Tweet You might only be able to touch 10, 12, 50, 100 people a day. But start from your most clients, and work your way down the list. Click To Tweet


Put your brand new knowledge about how to build brand loyalty for your event to the test and go virtual!

Download our free virtual event planning checklist today and learn what you have to do every step of the way to create an unforgettable experience for tour attendees. And if you’re looking for the best virtual event production company out there, chat with us! The Endless team is here to help.

Make sure you join us again next week for another iconic episode. In case you’re interested in extra virtual event content, click here to learn more while you wait for another #EventIcons!

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Alex Plaxen

Author Alex Plaxen

Founder of Little Bird Told Media, Alex is an award winning international speaker and digital communication strategist for events and conferences. When he's not scrolling through Instagram, you can find Alex at a Washington Capitals game rocking the red, at the movies, or playing board games with his twin brother.

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