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You might want to put your best suit on because today we’re talking about hotel contract negotiations! There are many things that can make or break an event. And being a planner is stressful enough as it is, so when you add choosing a venue for your event to the equation, there’s a high probability your heart rate goes up. It might sound like a pretty easy endeavor. But anyone who’s ever had to go through it knows there’s more to the story than just signing a contract.

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This is exactly why we bring you this week’s episode of #EventIcons. Joining our always lovely host Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey is industry powerhouse, Tom Pasha. Tom paid his way through college working as a bartender, waiter, bellman, limousine driver, and more. He worked at 12 Hyatt Hotels for over 20 years, as Sales Manager, Catering Manager and Director of Sales. Additionally, he went on to start CONTACT Planning, Inc., a national meeting planning company, which books over 100,000 room nights annually.  Tom also presents a series of training sessions that teach meeting planners about how hotels work. And today, he’s sharing all of his knowledge to help you strike the best deal on your hotel contract negotiations. Press play, it’s time to get iconic!

A certain amount of clutter is okay. But the back of the house is the soul of the house. So if it's dirty, or loud, or a problem, you may want to look at another hotel. Click to Tweet
Negotiations and contracts always start with a good RFP. Take a very good look at it. Click to Tweet
Multi-year contracts used to be really good, but they don't really do much for you anymore. Click to Tweet

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And that’s a wrap on this week’s episode of #EventIcons! Tom gave us a fantastic set of tips and tricks in order to get the best deal on hotel contract negotiations. Make sure you also check out the resources above to incorporate in your “how to negotiate a venue” playbook. Plus, don’t forget to tune in next week for another iconic episode!

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An accomplished speaker (though she prefers to be backstage with a headset), #EventIcons host, event prof, and marketer with work featured in the New York Times, Lindsay and team have worked with brands including Ford Motor Company, American Bar Association, Harvard Business School, and many more.

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