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We have to admit it – it’s been a while since we put out a nice, comprehensive content offer. But alas, we took some time only because we wanted to present you with the very best guide to hybrid events out there!

We can all agree that it’s been a wild ride. From a global pandemic sweeping the world and threatening the livelihoods of our entire industry to a virtual revolution and now mass vaccination taking place, we’ve scarcely had time to pause and breathe.  The events industry went from one of the most stagnant to one that quickly picked up the pace and witnessed a technological evolution that many consider unprecedented. But after an entire year of adopting virtual experiences and learning the ropes of the digital world, hybrid emerged as one of the biggest trends set to shape events.

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However, now that the US has impressed (worthy of a rhyme!) with the fast pace at which vaccination is occurring, the wheels are turning in everyone’s heads once again. Should hybrid be skipped altogether in favor of in-person experiences only? What are the benefits of hybrid? When all is said and done, is it really even worth it?

Endless to the rescue! We know you have questions – and we’re ready to answer them. In this guide you’ll find a deep dive into hybrid event models, some of the overall costs associated with each one, the pros and cons, and most importantly, our philosophy surrounding hybrid and why we truly believe this is where the industry is headed. So waste no more time and download your free copy today!

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A Guide To Hybrid Events: What You’ll Find

In order to make this as smooth sailing as possible for you, we split the ebook into small, yet important, chunks. First of all, we dive into the age-old question: what type of event is right for you? Here we explore why hybrid or in-person might make more sense for your company, based on your goals, and analyze the big picture.

Once we really drive home the importance of establishing your objectives early on, and particularly in a post-COVID sphere, we address hybrid event concerns. Endless has been there, done that, so our team is very familiar with the pain points of planners. That means, we’re ready to tackle them all in the early sections of this hybrid event guide!

Hybrid Event Models

This is where it gets exciting. In the past, we already introduced the concept of hybrid event models – the Star, the Moon, the Planet, and the Satellite. Although we went into quite a bit of detail at the time, we felt like a few key things were missing. Our main goal with this guide to hybrid events is to help you fully understand the limitations, benefits, technical aspects, and needs associated with the several models of hybrid.

a guide to hybrid events

By analyzing in-depth each model, and providing a thorough explanation of what it entails, what the venues can look like, and why certain models might make more sense, we believe we are empowering you. Hybrid events can be rather complex to put together, but a jumping board like this is a great start to get your creative juices flowing and help you be more prepared when it’s time to meet with production companies.

Download Your Hybrid Event Guide Today!

At the end of the day, talk is cheap. The best way to get a headstart on understanding and planning a hybrid experience is to seek relevant information and input. So go ahead and download your very own copy of The Road To Hybrid: A Guide To Models, Method & Mindset, the ebook created with you, your needs, and your pain points in mind!

Remember that if you have follow-up questions, are still unsure of what to do with your next event, or simply need guidance on a specific production aspect, you can always talk to us. The Endless team is here to help!


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