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One trend that’s become a recent reality for many events management companies (including our own) is the fact that people aren’t working together in the same physical office any more.

This can be a challenge when it comes to managing people and projects but thankfully, technology is always on our side. Below you will discover new apps and tips to help bolster your remote team’s coordination.

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Get Inspired with These Pinterest Boards

Event planning can be exhausting with you having to come up with dozens of new ideas for each even. What you need is something that inspires you each and everyday, which is where Pinterest comes in. This platform is great for bringing on those “a-ha” moments! To get you started, here’s a hundred of the best Pinterest boards every event professional should be following. From branding ideas to event freebies, these boards have you covered.

Ticketmaster is Ushering In the New Age of Ticketing

When was the last time you got handed a printed ticket by someone? I’m pretty sure most of us either just show the tickets from our emails, or print it out on our own. But Ticketmaster is taking it a step further. Soon, all we’ll need is a sound byte to show our tickets. Through their Ticketmaster Presence service, the ticketing giant will be rolling out new admission services that use RFID, NFC, and audio. The last is achieved through a partnership with Lisnr, a company specializing in data-over-audio technology. Lisnr uses “smart tones”, a kind of ultrasonic sound technology, to transmit and receive ticketing information.

Here Are The Next Years’ Trends in Events

As technology broadens, event planners are going to want more and do more things during events. One-up them by getting a sneak-peek into future trends. The International Association of Conference Centers names the “most wanted” event elements, such as faster WiFi and interactive technology. Conference apps are also becoming standard, along with more live streaming. Even virtual services made the cut, signalling that VR is still poised for growth. But among all these, the thing that will set the good event from the great will be better bandwidth. With attendees consuming more and more data, there can never be too much (or even enough) Internet to go around.

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June’s Best Product Launches and Redesigns

New is always interesting, even if it’s not always for the better. That goes double for long-established products and brands. This June marked a few exciting updates and launches for some of our favorites. While we have to wait and see whether they stand the test of time, it will be nice to see how these changes could impact our industry in the meanwhile. From a redesign of the ever-popular Skype to the launch of a super-easy way to send yes/no surveys, get your next dose of innovation here!

The Morality of Automation

A common scenario in stories is that as technology gets more powerful, there is steadily decreasing need for human intervention in the work needed. What will you do if you discover that there’s an easy way to automate your remote job? Will you tell your company about it and risk losing your position? This discussion could shed new light on this first-class dilemma.

Tools to Keep Your Remote Team Connected

While a remote team has many advantages, it also has a few downsides. For one, a team without the proper tools can easily be disconnected from the main group and lag in focus and productivity. Fortunately, there are many tools available to address many of these issues. Find apps to help improve your communication, organization, and even add fun into your work. Here’s a list of some of these resources that could bring your remote team up to the next level.

Launch Your Remote Team With Ease

Remote teams can be tricky. How can you manage someone that’s not even in the same office as you? Without the proper resources, it can be difficult to measure their level of success. And while each team is different and there is no exact “formula” on how to launch an effective remote team, there are always tools that can help. Here’s a list of those resources you could use for starters, covering all the basic aspects of remote working.

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Breaking Time Barriers

Another issue concerning remote teams is the fact that they may be working in a different timezone. When left unmanaged, this can cause issues with communication and productivity. But the Internet is a beautiful thing, and it offers a host of services to make time zone barriers nothing but mere ticks on the clock. From visualizing time difference to making sure communication takes place when both parties are awake, this list has you covered, complete with suggestions on effective use.

Facebook’s Willow Campus Rising on 2021

As a testament to Facebook’s unending growth, its offices are expanding in Silicon Valley. Recently, the giant announced that it will be building a new mixed-use town near its original Menlo Park headquarters. Set to be completed in 2021, the new construction will house around 1,500 apartment units and 125,000 square feet of retail space. There will also be a transit center, which is the company’s response to the inadequate transportation infrastructure of the region. Come 2021, Facebook would be opening it’s very own, publicly-accessible mini-city!

Volvo to Transition to Full Electrification

The premium car brand recently announced that all cars launched from 2019 onwards will be built with an electric motor. This is a historic stage in transportation, marking the end of an era of fuel-guzzling internal combustion engines. This decision can have a massive domino effect across the entire automobile industry and beyond.



While our industry is almost always changed when new technology comes along, one thing that doesn’t change is providing exceptional service to our customers. People will always want to work with other people more than robots or apps.

How have you delivered exceptional service to your clients this week?

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