Event technology, event technology, event technology! It’s on the tips of everyone’s tongues in the industry so I wanted to assemble the top names in the event industry who know event technology and of course, I had to invite Liz King of techsytalk, Sean Holladay of Crowd Mics and Laura Lopez of Social Tables to chat trends, cool new technologies and most importantly to answer your questions! It’s another episode of #EventIcons and this one does not disappoint! Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 5pm LIVE on Blab to ask questions of the icons of the event industry. Watch the recording of Episode 3 below.

Lot of planners are very visual on product, so Instagram might be the best. @1aura1opez Click To Tweet Lot of people right now using Crowd Mics because they are curious. @seanholladay Click To Tweet

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Tune in next week for Episode 4 of #EventIcons featuring our guests, Dahlia El Gazzar, Sarah Soliman & Keith Johnston.     


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