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One thing that’s been on the minds of many people lately is event safety and cybersecurity. Can we trust event organizers with the data we provide them? And if we do trust them, will their security measures ensure that our data never falls into the wrong hands?

We tackle this hot issue in an upcoming webinar with our very own Will Curran and Brandt Krueger, as they talk about simple ways to ensure data security for your event before, during and after the date itself. Jump into the article to get your invite!

[Webinar] The Best Way To Ensure Cybersecurity in Your Events

Hackers and other cybersecurity threats have become a real issue in recent times. Events collect a lot of private information about its attendees, and it’s important to ensure this data is protected against any form of breach. Online event security needs to be on your radar. This webinar gives you a rundown of all the basics, from the minimum security expected of your apps and tools, as well as practical tips for beefing up your event’s technical security measures. You’ll also get to learn about the various threats you might encounter, and how to fend them off. You cannot miss this!

How Should You Charge Your Clients for Events?

The latest survey from Lasso shows that various event companies have various strategies for charging clients. In fact, most companies have more than two ways of charging for labor! Most charge an overtime rate after 10 hours of work a day, while many also bill call minimums. This is important to understand to make sure your charging scheme is at par with your peers in the industry. For example, while by-the-hour billing rate appears intuitive, only a minority of event companies actually do this. Only a select few among those surveyed also charge their customers for lunch and flying-in specialized personnel. Learn more event labor through the article up top.

Email Marketing Secrets for Event Professionals

Is email marketing still important in the age of social media? Definitely! However, it’s important to understand the science behind this to unleash its full effectiveness. There are norms for subject lines, audience segmentation, catchphrases, and more that you need to be aware of. For example, have you considered email personalization? Emails with personalized subject lines are opened on average of 26%! And if you’re concerned about investing in a “traditional” marketing platform, note that even today, email marketing has around 4,400% ROI. Read more easy-to-apply secrets in this infographic.

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Intel’s Tips for Making Events Memorable

The event industry is all about making a lasting impression. Intel has a good reputation in this regard, and they shared some of their tips via their Intel Tech Lodge at the Sundance Film Festival. Aside from offering an atmosphere that would make people want to stick around, it is also important to let those attending “play” with both the items on display and the concepts you present. Demonstrating what you can do, inspiring them, and ensuring that they have relevant takeaways are some important aspects of creating an event that is hard to forget.

Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

Many event marketing strategies the industry uses today hark back from a time when digital wasn’t the norm. Audience preferences have shifted drastically over time, and that creates a challenge crafting a strategy that is relevant and effective for today’s society. Nick Borelli breaks down what it means to humanize and individualize in today’s highly-automated marketplace, teaching us how to build effective personas. He also shares tips on setting attainable goals and effectively handling influencer marketing.

Are You Ready for More Event Tech?

Technology may be a great driver in the success of many of today’s events, however incorporating tech into your events isn’t the magic bullet that will solve all your problems. It’s even possible that new tech will introduce new problems or worse, multiply your woes! This is why it’s very important to vet new event technologies before adopting them. Is the tech a perfect fit your type of event? Is it aligned with your goals, including budget goals? Does it give you the information you need? And most of all, will you be able to count on support when you need it?

Is Your Management Spend Ideal?

Management of large events can often take up a significant chunk of your event budget. Thankfully, there are strategies you can use to take the fat out of your spending. Automation, of course, takes an important role as it can help you get more while doing less manual labor. Creating a database that you can refer to in a jiffy could help save lots of time and effort. On top of that, streamlining processes from team communications to event logistics can also reduce your overhead costs. Using technology to avoid time-consuming tasks, like holding virtual meetings instead of traveling to meet in person, can be both a time- and budget-saver for everyone involved.

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Using Space: How To Stand Out in Exhibitions

Exhibitions are very competitive, and you have to first stand out visually to be noticed. To do that, it’s important to take advantage of your given space and build on various heights. You don’t have to stick with an open-space exhibit. Creating visual appeal through floating walls and interesting structures can help attract people. Getting a LED chandelier to spotlight your event can also help your booth get it noticed from far away. Or, if you need to get your logo out that way, why not have a balloon stand out from the crowd? This list contains 11 novel ideas you could snag for your next installation!

Get Your Event Noticed from the Get-Go!

What’s the very first thing a potential attendee notices from your event? It’s not the theme, the location, nor the speakers. It’s actually the title and description on your event page! You need to catch them immediately with these two alone. To do that, you need to choose a title that is fun and appealing to your audience. You should also state the best of what you’ve got to offer. Remember, visuals and formatting are also very important. Make sure you also create a space that answers your potential attendee’s frequently asked questions.

EasyEmail is the Closest You Can Get to a Human-Like Email Bot!

Emails can get very repetitive. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have some software learn how you type responses and have it prompt you with one-click replies the next time you need to? This is exactly what EasyEmail does. It suggests replies but also saves you from sounding robotic by learning from your message patterns, allowing you to curate responses before sending them. Imagine how many keystrokes (and headaches) this can save you in a day!



We all want our events to be the talk of the town, no matter how small they are. After all, it’s just good marketing both for the event itself as well as for you, as a professional.

What stands out event attractions have captured your attention recently? What showstoppers do you want to include in your next event?

Ultimate Event Budget Template spreadsheet

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