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Event planner burnout is a very real problem, particularly in the day and age we live in. And when it comes to an industry as convoluted and restless as the event industry, planners can feel like they’re in constant turmoil. There is always a million things to do, dozens of flights to take, and minor details to worry about. With so much going on, it’s no wonder the stress ends up accumulating and before you know it, you’re completely burnt out.

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That’s why on today’s episode of #EventIcons, we’re talking about how to avoid event planner burnout. Our always cheerful host Will Curran has the pleasure to welcome Thuy Diep. Thuy is a Senior Experience Designer for PRA Business Events and has been listed as one of the top millennials to watch globally that’s making a positive impact on our industry via Meeting & Conventions Magazine. Take a seat and join them as they go through the causes of event planner burnout in the industry, and tips on how you can keep doing what you love without having to take push yourself over the limit. Press play, it’s #EventIcons o’clock!

I think so many people in the industry want to just give their heart to what they do. We really don't do it for the money, we do it because we enjoy working with others and making a positive, impactful experience. Click to Tweet
We're so used to being afraid of saying no, that if we say no we're going to lose the deal, the client will be pissed off. When in reality, they might be totally fine with it. Click to Tweet
I'm all about the work-life blend. I love the flexibility of being able to cook dinner and while I'm waiting for that checking my e-mail. That flexibility really helps. Click to Tweet

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That’s a wrap on this week’s amazing and insightful episode of #EventIcons! Hopefully, Will and Thuy gave you some precious advice on how you can avoid burnout. Remember to take it easy and be mindful of balance. This world needs more zen event planners, and you need to stay healthy! What do you do to avoid event planner burnout?

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