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Here are a few of our favorite articles that were recently posted!

1. Yes, Your Conference is a Brand

brandYou may not think so, but your conference is in actuality its own brand. Using the terms Annual Meeting or Expo will seem outdated to today’s younger crowd. Although it is likely that there is still an annual business meeting portion to your conference, attendees attend for many reasons including networking, education, checking out the show floor, and even free food! Evolving and branding your conference will help attract the next generation of participants. Utilizing a grabbing tagline can also add to your brand and get the attention of potential attendees. By updating the branding of your conference you will increase your recognition among potential attendees, increase positive decision making, and increase the emotional connections that are made between your brand and your attendees. Read more here:

2. Using Social Media to Engage at a Conference

I LikeIn this article, Liz King describes her #WEC14 experience through social media use. She ranked in the top 10 for social engagement at the event and goes on to describe what her goals were for utilizing social media so much throughout the event. First, she used it to bookmark great content. Events like WEC have plenty of education that attendees can absorb to bring back to their respective companies. Social media can be used to “bookmark” pieces of education to come back to later. By taking notes through social media, King is simultaneously sharing her learning and her insights with her colleagues and her industry as a whole. This can inspire learning and thinking across the board. Finally, you can use your social media interaction to connect with other great and like-minded people at the event. When using the event hashtag and/or geolocation, you can see other industry professionals at the event and can use social media to reach out to them and set up times and places to meet and talk while at the event. Read more here:

3. The Importance of Event Video Marketing

Woman with a video cameraHow do people who either weren’t able to attend your event or chose to not attend your event know what they missed out on? How can you encourage them to come next time? There are plenty of positive outcomes of utilizing video recaps to promote your events. They show how well your event went and make people who weren’t at the last event want to attend your events in the future. Video is a very flexible medium, so you can tailor it to your event and use it in whatever way is best for you. You can use testimonials, short clips of the event crowd, clips of speakers, breakout rooms, and more. Video will highlight the best of your events and promote yourself and your event as a brand that people will want to be a part of in the future. Read more here: Take a look at our last set of Einsteins’ Favorites HERE [Event Magic, Non-Profit Social Media Use, and Events as Adult Playgrounds]!

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