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Our good friends Sean and Tim have been killing it lately with their new event tool called Crowd Mics! Let’s take a look at this new tool and how it can be utilized to make your events even better:

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micCrowd Mics is an application that turns mobile iOS and Android devices into wireless microphones for live events. At any live event, Crowd Mics can be used to encourage crowd interaction and open up Q&A’s so that anyone in the audience can use their smartphone or tablet as a microphone to speak over the room’s sound system. Under the “Select Mic” mode, a presenter can setup an event using the app and attendees can request to speak through the app. Their names will appear in the order of which they request to speak. The presenter can choose when each person will speak and will also have the option to mute a person or to remove their name from the list of requested speakers. Under the “Open Mic” mode, the first crowd member to press and hold the talk button will be heard, and the crowd can be muted at any time. You can toggle between these two mic modes at any time.

Text Comment

On top of being able to transform a conference, spotlight, Q&A, or live event into a place with a limitless number of microphones, Crowd Mics also allows for text commenting for those who may be a little bit more on the shy side. Text commenting will appear on the Comments tab. You can allow/disable comments as the speaker, and when they are allowed, will appear in order of time submitted. You have the option to delete any messages with a simple swipe.


pollThere is a polling feature built into the app that allows presenters or speakers to quickly and easily take a poll from their entire audience. The speaker will use the app on their phone to create a poll under the Poll tab. You will choose the number of options you would like to make available for the poll and user’s responses will start appearing in real time. The question and options for the poll have to be included in your presentation.





Do you think you could utilize this tool at your next event? How do you think it could be used to improve events going on now? Let us know in the comments!

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