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C2 Montreal is completely different from any event out there. C2 Montreal is all about setting the stage to spark creativity and exploration within attendees.  The event is full of collaborative experiences and experiential brainstorming. Whether you are hoisted into the air during a lab or have a networking meet up in a mirrored room, you can expect the unexpected at C2 Montreal.

In this episode of #EventIcons the iconic Julia Cyboran of C2 Montréal joins us to teach us more about the magic and engineering that makes this event truly spectacular. She will fill us in on techniques C2 Montreal uses to collect data and how they leverage that knowledge to create amazing experiences. We will also talk about what goes into planning the collaborative experiences and the purposes behind them. By the end of this episode, we guarantee you will be inspired and itching to attend!

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The theme of the event works as a guiding line for the creative process. @C2International Share on X The entire event of C2 is designed to engage people in conversation. @C2International Share on X

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