Planning for an event can be stressful and filled with uncertainty. We’ve collected a few successful event planning tips to help you out, ranging form event planner life hacks to how to pick the best livestreaming app for your event. We also included a few tips of using your event data to improve future events and how to pick the right venues.

And of course, we’d be remiss not to include one of our own life hacks: our free event planning checklist.

Event Planner-Friendly Life Hacks You Should Know

Everyone wants to be a little more productive, and we give you some tips that are best for event planners such as yourself. Acting on something the moment it comes up is effective against procrastination, for example. Taking breaks, saying no, and knowing your productive hours will also do wonders for you. However, as you seek to be more efficient and productive, don’t forget to take care of yourself and your team.

Using Data to Make Your Next Events Even Better

Data isn’t meant to be collected just so it’ll gather digital dust in your hard drive. Hubspot, Zapier, CMI, Bizzabo, and Wistia give their thoughts on how you should be using that precious information to improve your next event. Use the data to integrate platforms, find topics of interest, and even experiment on the best KPIs for a successful event. Data will be your new best friend during your future event planning, we guarantee.

Finding the Right Venue For Your Next Event

Venues are all part and parcel of events. They can make or break the experience of your attendees, so choosing the right one is especially crucial. To do this, you’ll need to consider the kind of guests you expect, how you want them to remember your event, and what you want them to do during the event.

Is Your Audience Ready for VR Events?

The impact of virtual reality on the event industry is still up in the air at this point. Nonetheless, it’s still worth considering whether or not your guests will be ready to participate in VR activities. So consider the equipment your target audience will need, and whether they will attend remotely or in person. Keep in mind their ideal content, be it videos or games or talks, and see how you can deliver the best possible virtual reality experience to them.

Why the 89th Oscars Got a B+ from Event Producers

Some key individuals have given their thoughts about the recently-concluded 89th Oscars event last month. Some mention how much they love the new and fresh feel of the overall aesthetic and set design. Others point out the great opening number by Justin Timberlake and yet others make their remarks about the speeches, mostly having to do with politics. And, of course, who can forget that La La Land mishap?

Conferences Every Event Planner Can Attend This 2017

Learning never stops. Even if you’ve organized hundreds of events in your career, learning never stops. Luckily, you’ll find a lot of event-centric seminars and conferences for people like you to attend and make the most of. Here’s a list of all the major ones you can catch either in the UK, the United States, and even Africa, all ordered by month.

Choosing the Right Social Media Livestream for Your Event

Live video is becoming a huge trend for brands and events. Figuring out which one to use can make a ton of difference in the experience of your viewers. Facebook Live is best if you want to get attention back to your Facebook page. Twitter, via Periscope, is great if you want to engage more intimately with followers and non-followers alike. Instagram Live Videos leverage on your fans’ fear of missing out. Check out the article for more thoughts on how to choose your next livestream provider.

How to Keep One Day a Week Free from Meetings

Meetings can be draining and sometimes even totally counterproductive. But you can avoid them by committing to at least one day a week without one. Choose your next projects wisely. Ignore pesky emails. Discuss your meeting-free strategies with others. It’s your duty to make sure you don’t spend all your precious time cooped up in cramped conference rooms.


Why You Should Be Going to Bed Early to Become a Better Entrepreneur

Science has proven that going to bed and getting up early is a great habit for dealing with negative feelings and keeping healthy. When you get up early, you’re more agreeable, proactive, and overall more likeable, which makes you a better leader. Who knew the early worm routine could make such a positive difference in the way you live your life?

Making the Most of the Latest Instagram Feature

Instagram has launched a seemingly boring new feature: letting users post multiple photos in one post. But come to think of it, this one feature will make a huge difference in many users’ one-photo-only feed. Take advantage of this new feature by uploading instructions, panoramas, surveys, and even portfolios in one go. We’re pretty sure people will discover many out-of-the-box uses for this new feature.



The best reward for an event planner is creating an event that’s well-attended, memorable and most of all, delivers a high ROI for the company. With this week’s favorites, we hope that you also achieve the same success many of our clients have experienced through the years.

How about you, what event planning life hacks do you recommend to our readers?

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