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One event tech trend that’s gaining significant traction lately is video. We’ve discovered articles about record-breaking projection mapping, how to use immersive mixed reality in events, and the Grammys autonomous robotic cameras taking center stage.

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So if you want your next event to really call attention to itself, video is the way to go. We’ll even help you learn how to wow your audience using event AV.

VR Trends for the Events Industry

We’ve always expected VR to be the future of gaming. It turns out even event planners can make the most out of this new tech. Everyone’s heard about the sporting events using VR tech to stream their events live, whether from viewers’ phones or their own headsets. Some groups are even using VR to enhance attendees’ experience at their events. With all the innovation happening around VR, it’s going to be a big year for event organizers to show people what they’ve got.

Why Remote Workers Love Co-Working Spaces

A lot more people are working from home these days (the author included) But where can you still get a good office vibe without its downsides? Simple: through co-working spaces. These are places where self-employed and work-from-home individuals get their share of networking and meeting without spending too much money, time, or effort. Their rising popularity has drawn the attention of all sorts of remote workers and the community they’ve built, making co-working spaces a desirable service to offer.

The Art of Meetings: Less is More

You might think giving people all the options will make them love your meetings more. But it’s becoming increasingly obvious that an abundance of choices might be the reason why people hate meetings. From too many, and often repetitive, meetings to plain just too much information, toning down your meetings might be the solution to happier attendees.

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Setting the Spotlight on Mixed Reality Events

It’s not just VR that we should be paying attention to. The rise of MR – or mixed reality, the combination of virtual and augmented reality – deserves its own moment of recognition. In fact, many event organizers are discovering ways to integrate this tech into their latest projects. From creating holographic worlds to adding spectacle back to spectating, MR is fast becoming one of the game changers for keynote presentations, sporting events, and music festivals.

Three Trends to Watch in Events Planning

As the world changes, so does the industry of events planning and management. Most of these new trends are a product of the changing needs that millennials bring into the picture. They require seamless online ticket purchasing experiences. They want their events to be engaging and innovative. And let’s not forget that they favor DIY events and meetups as they converge with the online communities they’ve come to form.

Not All Heroes Are People: featuring Camera Robots

The Grammys was a real event to behold this year. And who should we thank for such great coverage? Other than its organizers, the team’s camera robots deserve a huge standing ovation themselves. Easy to use, effective, and intuitive, these bots are giving spectators and viewers like us amazing glamour shots of celebrities, venues, and behind-the-scenes takes.

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Finding the Best Event Caterer for Your Event

In order to craft the best event you possibly can, every detail must be thought of. And that of course includes serving the best food. You wouldn’t want to call the first caterer comes to mind, right? It’s important to first know about your event’s gastronomic needs and start your search based on that. Be sure to look into reviews, cost and location of potential caterers for your next event. It might just be the icing to the perfect cake.


Freightliner Becomes a World Record-Breaking Company with Projection Mapping

We know Freightliner as a truck company, but it’s also one of the most innovative automotive manufacturers around. To promote their new street-legal, self-driving truck they broke ground in another area of technology. With 60 projectors at their side, they officially set the world record for projecting the highest light output against the world-famous Hoover Dam (around 87 IMAX screens). I don’t know about you, but we here at Endless would absolutely love to get our hands on that awesome projection mapping tech.

Learn Storytelling for Free From Pixar

We all know about Pixar, the creators of amazing modern-day classics like Finding Nemo, Inside Out, and of course, Toy Story. But what if we told you Pixar Studios is offering free storytelling classes? If you want to learn how to create moment of pure joy and how to bring your audience to tears, this is the course for you.



Aside from video, there’s also value in adding other experiences to your events. You can tell stories, exceed epicurean expectations, and most importantly, heed the needs of your attendees. Are you an event planner who always wows your audience and exceeds expectations? Let us know the latest amazing thing you’ve done via Twitter!

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