When you are planning your event it is important you understand the psychological effects that colors will have on your attendees. Using color at  your event can be a great way to create a mood for your event. Using color at your event to help create ambiance and the experience you desire for your guests. Color is a very powerful tool in event design, because of this there are a few things you need to consider when choosing colors to use at your event.

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The first thing you need to do when using color at your event is decide what feelings or mood you would like your guests to have while attending your event. When you choose the overall mood you would like to project you can pick colors associated with the  chosen mood to evoke those feelings.

By strategically choosing colors you will create an environment and set the tone for  how guests to experience your event. Below is a chart of colors and feelings associated with them. This chart will help show you can create a mood by using color at your event.color-meanings-hr

If you don’t want to use color to enhance the mood or theme of your event another great way to use color at your event is to strengthen your brand. You could use uplighting to add ambiance or a gobo to project your logo in your branding colors. This will bring a strong sense of branding to your event and leave to question as to who put on the event.

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The bottom line is that you need to be sure to think about what colors to use at your event carefully. As you saw in the chart about, each color has different meanings and emotions associated with them. Keep in mind any negative feelings associated with your color choices while choosing your event colors. For example the color red can bring very positive emotions out such as excitement, passion, strength and in some cultures good fortune. However, red is also associated with danger, fire, and aggression.red-great-hall

If you have a high energy event you may want to avoid calming and serene colors such as blue or purples.

If the color you want to use has negative connotations that doesn’t mean you cannot use it, just be aware of feelings associated with the palette you choose and how color can create a mood for your event. Using color at events is a great way to set the tone, if you keep all of the above information in mind you will be well on your way to a successful event!

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