I get asked all the time “Will, what are the best blogs?” or more frequently, “Will, what are the best event planning blogs?” Realistically, I could spend the whole day listing all of the blogs I read and why I like them, but I decided to put in the time and work to develop a list of all my favorite non-event planning blogs that I think all event planners should read. After searching far and wide within my own cache of online, transboundary resources of blogs that range from marketing to event tech and lifehacks  to give you a great potpourri of content to read. So let’s jump into my top 11 non-event planning blogs for event planners.

Digital Buzz (@adenhepburn) – www.digitalbuzzblog.com
Aden is one of my favorite blogs on the internet period. He covers all of the largest marketing efforts from projection mapping to pop-up stores to awesome marketing installations and they all center around technology and how it is used to expose a brand to an audience.

HelpScout (@helpscout) – www.helpscout.net/blog
Customer Service is kind of a big deal here at Endless and we have to admit, we don’t get all of our ideas internally. We get inspiration for a lot of amazing ideas from companies and stories across the web. One of our favorite places to read awesome stories and ideas is this blog.

Hubspot (@hubspot) – blog.hubspot.com/marketing
We’re huge fans of Hubspot (full disclosure, we’re actually a customer of theirs) however, they are one of the top marketing blogs on the internet for a reason. Hubspot created the term known as “Inbound marketing” which is the idea that you create awesome content and find ways to convert people from strangers to customers to evangelists – rather than the traditional methods of cold calling, emailing or tradeshows. They cover everything from content writing to using social media to reach a larger audience. BONUS blog: Hubspot has a blog for salespeople as well. blog.hubspot.com/sales

QuickSprout (@neilpatel) – www.quicksprout.com
Neil has been named one of the top names in digital marketing and this blog clearly shows you why. He shares top ways to use the internet to expand your personal and business brand.

OkDork (@noahkagan) – www.okdork.com/blog
One of the leading names in Inbound marketing, Noah knows how to merge technology with marketing strategy to help you reach a large audience.

Inbound.org (@inboundorg) – www.inbound.org
This one isn’t as much of a blog as it is a community but if you want to learn a ton about content and inbound marketing very quickly this is the place to do it. This is where the top names in Inbound marketing live.

Lifehackers (@lifehacker) – www.lifehacker.com
One of the top blogs on the internet and for a reason. Lifehacker is my go-to resource for reviews and discussions on new tools and techniques to make my life even more productive.

Lifehack (@lifehackorg) – www.lifehack.org
While Lifehacker is a bit more technology oriented, Lifehack focuses on general Lifehacking articles that help you improve your life.

Ikeahackers (@ikeahacks) – www.ikeahackers.net
I love this site because it features the creativity of people turning normal Ikea items into magic. I currently use a standing desk (made of Ikea parts) and this site was the perfect resource when I was designing a standing desk.

Uncrate (@uncrate) – www.uncrate.com
Just cool stuff that I want to buy… all the time. Be warned when you go here, you may leave with an empty wallet.

Dornob (@dornobdesign) – www.dornob.com
I’m a massive fan of architecture and design (in fact, my first cat was named at the famous Frank Lloyd Wright building, Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona). This blog covers the coolest building designs, and product designs from suitcases to office design.

Do you have a favorite blog you’d like to share? Post it in our comments because we would love to hear what you think!

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