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Events are hectic enough as it is without having to deal with a crisis, so you need to be prepared when and if an emergency occurs. After dealing with that, make sure to debrief after the event to see how to make things better next time. This week, we have tips on event planning and management that will help you get a crisis under control and make good use of debriefing templates for your post-event assessment.

PS: Here’s a great webinar on how to prevent an event AV crisis.

We also rounded up a few ways to solve marketing problems as well. How do you create content for short attention spans? What’s the best way to be more creative? How does one recruit influencers? Answers to these and more below, just keep on reading!

What Event Planners can Do in the Face of a Crisis

Look, we know what it’s like to have the perfect plan for an event suddenly crumble in front of your eyes. Don’t worry though, there’s always a way to get things under control. You’ll learn that there’s no room for panicking or for putting the blame on someone else when you take a step back and assess the situation. After all, attendees don’t know what happens behind the scenes, right? Go keep it that way with these awesome tips.

Debriefing Made Easy with Effective Templates

Debriefing is one of the things everyone needs to do at the end of every event. It’s a chance to find out what went great, what could have gone better, and what you can do the next time around. But did you know this task can be made even more efficient with the right debriefing template? Be sure to ask the right questions in your brief, organize things right, and go over everything to make sure next year’s event is made even better.

Rideables – Are They What You Need at Your Next Event?

We’ve all heard of them: hoverboards, scooters, even those huge golf-cart-looking Low Speed Vehicles. This 2017, it’s time to make rideables the star of events planners’ shows – at least, for the event planners themselves anyway. These handy and useful tools are great for you to have during events when you need to stay on your feet all day. Let their practical uses shine in your next event.

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Making Facebook Live Video a Marketer’s Best Friend

Facebook Live Videos are more than just a fun way for friends to broadcast how their days are going. It turns out businesses have a lot to gain from jumping on board this new popular trend. With the rise of Facebook Live Videos, 81% more people on the internet started watching live videos in 2016. Businesses now have a fantastic way to bring their live experiences to their audiences. This brings branding to a whole new level. How are you going to make use of it?

Started from the Bottom, Now We’re Here: How to Work with Social Media Influencers from Scratch

When you think about how to get social media influencers to notice and work with you, it’s hard to grasp where you should even begin. While you’re starting out and they’re already raking in followers and popularity, the challenge to get them onboard your team seems pretty intimidating. Not to worry, though. You can get social media influencers to work with you, even if you’re a nobody. Just be sure you establish yourself as a professional in the industry and get on the right channels and platforms, soon you’ll be an influencer yourself.

Overcoming the Content Hurdle of Short Attention Spans

Short attention spans are scary. You have about eight seconds to show people what you want to say before you lose them completely. While people don’t pay attention as much attention as before, you can maneuver this playing field with just a few easy tips. You’ll need to invest in churning out quality content, in presenting your content as a thought leader, and in appealing to the visual needs of current social media users.

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When and Where Offline Communication Still Beats Online Communication

With the rise of email and messenger applications, you’d think that would be the end of making phone calls, right? Not exactly. There are still a number of scenarios you’ll find yourself getting into that would do much better if you’d call instead. Think about it: you could be giving an apology or could be expecting the person to have a lot of questions. Sometimes old is still gold – and still more efficient.

Why We Should Strive to Be Less Busy – and What We Can Do About It

Long gone are the days when over-exhaustion was placed on a pedestal for marketing personnel. To have no time to do anything other than work can be draining and can take out a lot from a person. When you’re surrounded by a tiring environment, you don’t have to sit still and absorb the impact. Fight back and actually make time for things that matter to you. You’ll thank yourself later.

Get Bored, then Get Creative

Trying to kill boredom with your smartphone might be a worse idea than you think. This is probably because being in a state of boredom forces your brain to start thinking – and thinking is how you get creative ideas. Your head is restless and wants something to think about. Spending those two idle hours away from your phone and away from Candy Crush might just give you your next creative idea for your next pitch.



We each have our own hurdles in life, but it seems event planners have more than most. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! What are your current challenges at work these days? Care to share with us in the comments?

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