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It might be the second month of the year, but we’re just getting started when it comes to new technology and modern trends. Read all about AV production ideas, boosting your event planning success, and ideas for embracing tech for your events.

Speaking of event AV, are you getting a new event AV company for your next event? Here are our top tips for hiring the right event AV company.

Upcoming AV Production Trends for 2017

With video dominating the web, how can you make sure that your event gets the attention it deserves? More and more companies are embracing Hollywood-level production values, and with good reason. People want their content to be as beautiful as possible. Big plus points for making them all VR-ready. Even bigger points if you can intertwine it with a livestreaming event.

Your 2017 Event Resolutions

What will you do to improve your events business this year? While planning your next move, check out these ideas from the top industry experts. From learning more about your trade to designing a better audience experience, there are lots of things to create and imagine this 2017. Learn new techniques as well, such as the “open enterprise” concept and interesting methods for building professional relationships. And of course, don’t forget to address the issues of the previous year to succeed this year!

Why You Should Turn Off Your App Notifications

When smartphones rule, instant connectivity can be both a boon and a bane. While we have access to limitless amounts of information, it’s also detrimental to our focus and concentration. Here’s a surprising fact: when you look at your Facebook feed and email, you’ll need an average of nearly 24 minutes just to get your mind completely back to work! This is why it’s a good to disconnect and kill all app notification, else face the wrath of your boss or worse: unemployment.

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Amazon’s Spectacular Party Place

Amazon’s re:Play is an enormous production held on the grounds of Las Vegas’ High Roller Parking Lot. This year, attendees numbered up to 17,000. Despite the huge crown, the entire spectacle was handled spectacularly. From creating a 200-foot long bridge to the creation of a collaborative stage control design called “Light Sync Revolution”, take a look at how Amazon optimized their party place for one of the biggest bashes of the year.

Embracing Tech in Events

Every single event relies on technology, from the AV production set up to the provision of WiFi hotspots. Check out these twelve events that have managed to completely embrace the use of technology. And you’ll be surprised who’s making good use of high-tech, from the American Kennel Club to the Association of the United States Army. They’ve deployed everything from gesture-based slideshows to a Facebook-mediated dinner party. Learn how technology can change the way your next event.

Master Facebook This 2017

Last year saw new trends emerge in Facebook. Facebook Live in particular played a major role not just for Facebook users, but for media as a whole. This year however, new update to the social media platform could change the way you use it. From paid ads that can penetrate individual groups for even better targeted marketing to sales tools integrated within Messenger, check out nineteen Facebook updates that you need to know this 2017. And are you prepared for Facebook TV? A cable network operated by the giant will open up lots of new avenues for marketers.

San Diego Bayfront Complex To Expand

San Diego’s bayfront is expanding its existing convention center after all, all thanks to a new judicial ruling. If you recall, it’s been three years since legal trouble on this front had been plaguing the event space. This new ruling finally removes the last legal hurdle for creating a bigger complex so expect larger conferences to come back such as Comic-Con. This progress is not just a win for the parties behind the project, but also for the events industry in general.

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Five Steps to Creating Event Buzz

Rachel Young has been in events production for eight years now. She’s behind the success of events like the New York Fashion Week, the Swim Miami Fashion Week, and a lot more. Needless to say, she knows a thing or two (or three) about how to make events that not just sail smoothly, but also make big waves. Here she shares five of her secrets to make an event stand out, from pre-planning to time management and making budget decisions.

How Starwood ex-CEO Aims for Disruption

In the events industry, he who disrupts the status quo gets the most attention. Ex-Starwood CEO Frits van Paasschen takes this to heart and lives by it. In his latest book, van Paasschen lays out everything he’s learned from his many years in the industry. It turns out that the only way to stay alive is to keep a steady attitude of disruption, and failing to do so will make the competition eat you alive.

IBM’s Watson, at a Dance Party

Here’s a perfect example of merging a unique event idea with an even more unique piece of technology. Thanks to Daybreaker, which hosts pre-dawn sober dance parties, the IBM Watson artificial intelligence has found a new calling. At San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood, Watson shone behind the first ever “cognitive dance party”. From turning “energy” in the form of social media feeds into dance floor lights, to designing custom breakfast menus, learn how human creativity can turn one of the smartest of machines into a party superstar.



Technology is the cornerstone of every successful modern event. Many of us wouldn’t have our careers today without event tech. Maybe you can share with us how event technology has made your last event a success? Comment below and let us know!

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