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Do you know the saying that at the back of successful social media campaigns is an exhausted marketer? No? Well it might just be me then.

But to be honest, with all the work and heart we already pour into our events, adding social media to the mix can be a bit too much. It demands you be always on and always creating, which can burn you out.

Fear not, there is a solution! What you need is to get someone else to do the work for your. Whether it’s automating using apps or bots, or encouraging your audience to spread the word themselves, there are many ways to boost your social media without the stress. Speaking of that, we also talk about handling stress as well.

Here are a couple more tools to reduce your event stress: our helpful event planning checklist and our handy event production guide.

Stats All Event Professionals Should Know This 2018

Did you know that 77% of marketers say experiential marketing is already a key component in their advertising strategy? Or that event technology can boost event attendance by as much as 20%? How about the fact that more than half of all event attendees use their smartphones actively during events? These statistics are great for showing us the current state of the events industry, but they’re even more useful for helping us understand what trends we need to keep an eye on. Numbers are one thing, but it’s how we act on these stats that will make a true difference in our events!

This Is How Meetings and Events Will Look Like This Year

Technology is now a mainstay in events, so the increasing emphasis on artificial intelligence will come as no surprise. But there’s also a silent trend that’s pushing events towards the realm of luxury. From creating new experiences to crafting a holistic and fulfilling experience for each attendee, the world of meetings and events is moving to new heights this 2018. So check those venues again, and give your event plans another once-over to make sure they meet the expectations of your audience.

Amaze Your Attendees by Mastering Experience Design

As the years pass, the world of events has shifted to become a more basic yet still very involved field. Instead of vying for who has the most high-tech setup, it’s now all about who can engage the audience the most through well-crafted experiences. This has made event professionals pay more attention to “Experience Design”, which looks at each of the five dimensions of experience and how to satisfy them. Through this, you can create a definite roadmap for your attendees to take, leading them on a journey that will completely seize their interest.

It’s now all about who can engage the audience the most through well-crafted experiences. Click To Tweet


Before and After: Your Routines Matter Outside Events

We pay attention to what happens within our events, but it’s also important to understand what we can do outside of them to help achieve success. It’s obviously a must to crunch data and keep communication lines open pre- and post-event. You also have to psych yourself and your team up through pre-event routines, so you can all gather the energy needed for the day. You also need your post-event activities to help you wind down from the helter-skelter pace you’ve been in. As event professionals, we also need to take care of our well-being, so let’s take a minute to learn these tips from industry experts.

How to Use Your Social Media to Extend Your Event’s Reach

Social media is meant for sharing, but each of its gazillion features is best suited for a specific purpose. The secret to successful social media use is knowing the strengths and best practices of each platform. Facebook Live, for example, is best for broadcasting content. This works hand-in-hand with facebook groups to bolster conversation about your brand and event. LinkedIn can be used as a means of promotion, both through your account and through ads. Twitter brings the analytics and social monitoring through hashtags. Instagram and Snapchat also have their niche, allowing you and your guests to share stories. Once you learn the what-goes-where in social media, you can easily master it as an extension of your event!

Get Your Attendees to Spread the Word About Your Event

Events don’t just happen within the walls of the venue. They also reach the world at large through the posts and shares of your attendees. Since these are virtual extensions of your event, it’s important to encourage them as much as possible. By understanding the social platform preference of your audience and ensuring that your event makes a personal impact to your attendees, you can prepare content that they will want to share. Learn the nitty-gritty of this approach through this handy guide.

What’s the State of Social This 2018?

For all the potential of social media, it’s interesting to note that most event professionals still haven’t tapped its full potential. For example, only 20% have used messaging apps as a marketing platform.  Similarly, around half don’t even have a documented social media strategy. Furthermore, 25% of marketers don’t even post any video content, even though it’s now the primary mover of the web. Are you one of the laggers or leaders when it comes to using social media in your event?

The secret to successful social media use is knowing the strengths and uses of each platform. Click To Tweet


Marketing Automation: Why You Need It

While there are still a few things that cannot (and should not) be automated nowadays, marketing shouldn’t be among them. In fact, marketing automation has pretty much evolved into an industry, letting you do things faster for almost everything marketing related for your events. From nurturing leads to reaching out to them after the event, marketing automation is an important skill that every event professional needs to learn.


Relieving Stress as an Event Professional

Event professionals have some of the most stressful moments in the world, with so many people we interact with and deadlines coming in from all sides. However, by applying a scientific approach to identifying the various stressors and finding the solution for each one of them, it’s possible to turn this around. Of course, this requires some significant attitude shift, though the end result is very much worth it. Learn how to take the stress away from your life as an event coordinator.

Travel Trends You Should Be Aware of This 2018

Like everything else, the sphere of travel is undergoing a huge (if subtle) movement forward this 2018. This year we will see the advent of travel as an experience and not just a necessity. We’re also seeing the dawn of new technologies inspired by the maturing blockchain technology. Social responsibility is rising hand-in-hand with innovation, even as the travel industry faces challenges from extreme weather conditions. Here are all the trends you need to know as you work on this year’s travel plans.



We talked about routines earlier and how to alleviate stress for #eventprofs. One thing that stood out as the best solution to stress is preparation. You already know the challenges ahead, so you need to stock up on “good vibes” through whatever means works for you. It can be enjoying family time, working out, or a relaxing morning routine.

How about you, how do you buff yourself up when you have a stressful day ahead? What are your favorite practices for successful social media campaigns?



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