Starting your own company. It’s the dream of so many of us! Well this week, we talk with Dahlia El Gazzar and Sarah Soliman about what it takes to make creating your own company possible! This week is full of inspiration thinking and awesome tools to start your own company and you do not want to miss it! You can watch the replay below but as always, we definitely recommend tuning in live on Wednesdays at 5pm EST on Blab so you can ask questions live and talks directly with the icons of the events industry. Next week, we have Al Wynant and Corbin Ball who will be discussing 2016 event trends! Tune in live at 5pm EST on Wednesday to share your predictions!
Right now you see lot of the mobile apps are trying to connect like minded people. @DahliaElGazzar Click To Tweet I think its important to recognize that you are going to burn down. @SarahMSoliman Click To Tweet

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