TTI Success Insights

Consistently disappointed by past AV and technical production vendors, TTI Success Insights was looking for something fresh and exciting to make their event stand out.


TTI Success Insights sought a fresh and exciting new technical partner to bring new energy and professional touch to their event. Our efforts did not go unnoticed! Through some clever uses of technology, TTI transformed their space from four rooms to one large space and back again. This multipurpose utilization of square footage resulted in savings on equipment, labor, and space rental costs. 


  • TTI struggled to find an AV company that appropriately met its budgetary needs.
  • Endless sought a creative solution to transforming a singular space to keep costs low while utilizing the space and the budget to the highest potential.
  • The challenge was to break a large space into three smaller areas within thirty minutes multiple times a day over three days.
  • We utilized event technology and air walls to achieve the desired results while adding production value through additional branding. 

Key Results

Endless transformed the general session room into breakout rooms in under fifteen minutes. We worked with TTI’s existing budget and added a significant production value without increasing the cost. TTI was highly pleased with the results.


Endless worked closely with TTI’s marketing team to develop innovative and creative video, graphics, and lighting design to brand the event. Utilizing new digital audio and video technologies allowed us to use the same equipment from the general session to the breakout rooms. The results were a quick room transformation without additional equipment, keeping cost low. 

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minutes from general session to breakout room turnover


Highest attendee net promoter score of +85% in their first year working with us


Attendance the following year rose by 15%