California Grand Invitational

Gold Medal Gymnastics partnered with Endless to create their biggest event yet, the California Grand Invitational.


Gold Medal Gymnastics partnered with Endless to create its biggest event to date, the California Grand Invitational. Two thousand six hundred athletes descended upon Anaheim, California, to compete from every corner of the globe. Gold Medal Gymnastics needed a trusted production partner to execute this extensive invitational successfully. Endless offered a shared level of excellence and passion for creating unique and memorable events. 

The California Grand Invitational featured a complex setup with three separate events within the arena. With many moving parts and companies involved, Endless ensured everything ran seamlessly. Endless adding personal touches bringing Gold Medal’s vision to life, while ensuring it was a unique and memorable event for attendees, athletes, and coaches alike.


  • The California Grand Invitational began as a small local invitational but quickly gained in size.
  • As the event grew in attendance, it needed to smoothly scale the event experience to fit its growing needs while maintaining production quality.
  • The California Grand also sought to incorporate a college gymnastics competition to draw young gymnasts to the invitational. 

Key Results

Despite growth in attendance, the event in the Anaheim Convention Center’s smooth execution allowed the event to expand without significant increases to the budget. The California Grand Invitational was highly televised due to the success of of the athletes, including the season’s first perfect 10, which brought even more media attention to the event and its sponsors. Due to the branding and well-designed area experience, the California Grand Invitational is the go-to invitation for college and youth gymnastics.


Endless began with in-depth conversations with the venue to determine how to remove audio-visual restrictions or costs. To create an Olympic experience, Endless transformed the arena next to the Anaheim Convention Center into an Olympics-worthy gymnastics podium with video screens of the gymnasts, loud arena music, and audio.