Anheuser Busch Bud Light

Endless produced Anheuser-Busch’s hyper-local event activations across the country. The ultimate goal was to increase the Bud Light brand awareness within the emerging market of millennials.


Anheuser Busch sought to launch its most extensive marketing campaign to date to rebrand Bud Light for the new generation of millennial beer drinkers. The concept was to throw hyper-local parties in every major city across the country, titled “House of Whatever.”  As a full-scale production company, Endless assisted with every aspect of the planning: ideation, budgeting, vendor management, branding, and on-site management. Endless helped Bud Light throw these parties nationwide, creating a brand experience that engaged millennials across the country. 


  • The challenge of working with the marketing team at Anheuser Busch was twofold: their primary focus and the breadth of markets.
  • Their team was primarily focused on the distribution of Bud Light, often leaving the actual event experience as an afterthought.
  • Additionally, each marketing manager was responsible for a different part of the country, which made it mission critical for Endless to work as the glue to create cohesive, seamlessly executed events no matter the location. 

Key Results

House of Whatever is considered the most successful alcoholic beverage marketing campaign in recent history. Bud Light transformed from an overlooked domestic to a beloved regular purchase in millennial households. Endless is proud to have contributed to the wild success House of Whatever campaign.


Endless began by designing the core elements of the House of Whatever experience that could be operated no matter the budget on short-notice timelines. We focused our efforts on finding the best spaces, be they local bars or venues, that perfectly fit the House of Whatever activation criteria. Endless executed setup and management of all of the recurring event experiences. 

Endless provided unique experiences highlighting the brand and the messaging for activations with larger spaces or budgets. Every experience was heavily branded, so attendees knew Bud Light hosted this fantastic event.


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From idea to execution: 3 weeks